We are still on for surgery on the 29th, checking in on the 28th. Vince just has to stay on antibiotics till then, and hopefully his runny nose will be gone by then. The Dr did say though that they will most likely operate anyways even if he has a cold because is oxygen levels were so low. So that is good news.
More good news: Bookie is coming back to Korea tonight.
The bad news for Vince is that he has to sleep in his own bed than as 3 is just a little bit crowded in our bed.

10 Responses

  1. Wir schaffen das gelegentlich auch zu viert 😉 (in einem Bett schlafen) Dazusagen muss man, dass dann hauptsächlich Eddy und Bruno seelig schlafen und Peter und ich uns die jeweils 20 cm an der Bettkante teilen..

  2. Gute Besserung für Vince!!!

  3. Ska hålla alla tummar å tår och fläta håret.

  4. Big kiss for my little sweetheart – thinking of you guys!!!

  5. I’m glad that you don’t have to delay the surgery, and you can get it put behind you!

    I hope Bookie has a safe trip back and Vince doesn’t mind his own bed too much.

  6. What a lovely boy. How very blessed you are to have him. We will keep your whole family in our prayers.

  7. Prince Vince is absolutely adorable. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed browsing back through your blog. Good luck with surgery.

  8. sorry to hear he’s got strep again 😦 but glad they can go ahead with the surgery!

  9. Your little boy is adorable! I’ve just found your blog thru Tara Marie and wanted to say hello. The photos are stunning, I guess simply because so is your family! 🙂

  10. Hoppas allt gått bra idag!!!

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