Contest Time!

*** EDITED NOTE, The winner will be drawn on Thursday April 24th, so post comments till then if you want to win!

You need shoes? Of course you do! Or at least your kid does! So, as I happen to have a children’s shoe store (Vincent Shoe Store), it is time for a new give away. You can win a pair of LEO’s. The same version Gwyneth Paltrow’s son Moses was spotted with, only LEO is the newest model. Leo is an all leather shoe with extra rubber sole to protect the leather extra from such activities as soccer play, driving a bobby car etc.

Here is what you need to do:
Leave a comment
Link this post to your blog
Give a good reason why you should win

Vincent will then decide who is the worthy winner. You can wish for color/size, but as I do sell these shoes, certain colors/sizes may be out. Just so you know!

36 Responses

  1. Am I really the first?!
    Made my own contest on this. The one who figures out my real reason (of 3) can
    – participate or
    – wish me luck. 😉

    Here it comes, it´s very easy:
    I really LOVE your shoes, dear PRINCE, but there´s no store nearby selling them. As far as I know not even in the country I live in (Mexico).

    Reason enough?

  2. Hey, I am the second then. My reason for getting a pair of Vincent shoes, if I don’t win a pair, I probably never try them out (for the same reason like Cabronsito) and find out how good they are. And if I’d win some, them you probably gain a new customer.

  3. Oh, i want, i want, i want!!! For my little Raphael, also blessed with an extra chromosome. My reason for waaaaanting?? No Vincent Shoe Store here either. And I am faaarther than Cabronsito of Mexico. Sending comment all the way from the Philippines – Cheche

  4. Jag vill också vinna! Du vet dom där roliga skorna som jag köpte för ett tag sedan, med två ögon och en mun på? Jag får inte på dom på Linnea, hennes vrister är jättehöga…. dom första skorna däremot passade super men nu är dom för små så hon har inga skor som passar alls förutom ett par mockasiner! Så där har du min anledning att vinna. Plus att Linnea tycker Vincent är jättesöt också. 🙂

  5. Love the shoes, enter me please Prince Vince! My reason for entering is simple. I have two adorable girls who LOVE shoes! What girl has enough shoes? Thank you for your consideration dearest Prince Vince!!

    Oh, and there isn’t a store here where I live either!

  6. We LOVE Vincent shoes – they seem to be the only ones that fit Sam’s feet and that he does not pull off!
    We of course could use another snazzy pair no matter what the color as I have a feeling we will be wearing this one pair out SOON! Would love to send you a pic of Sam in his shoes for Vincent :o)

  7. Cute shoes! I don’t have a Vincent store either, and of course Delphine LOVES shoes. I can’t pass up a contest like this!!

  8. They are gorgeous!!!

    I love Vincent shoes! 🙂

    No need to add me to your contest, just wanted to comment about how cute these shoes are!


  9. Franchise, Christina, franchise!!!

  10. Well, I know it already is, but MORE franchise – stores we need!!!!

  11. Varför bör jag vinna? Jadu, Liam behöver ju fler Vincentskor. Han har ju bara 2 par! Men han har ju inga LEO!!! Och jag vet ju hur bra dom andra skorna är. Jag kan ju förvisso beställa skor via nätet här i USA, men det är ju inte samma sak.

    Och är inte det anledning nog så…Vi saknar dig, Vincent! Du är sötast i världen, Vincent! Din mamma är snällast av alla, Vincent!

  12. Hej hej dig har jag ju träffat på Miriams bröllop! Tycker verkligen om att läsa din blogg. På fredag jar jag gått exakt halva tiden av min graviditet, jepp det är dags för vårt första barn! Än så länge har jag endast inhandlat en liten söt mössa….men visst vore det perfekt med ett par superbra skor från Vincent!! Starten kan ju inte blir bättre på denna resa! 🙂 (min blogg är öppen endast för de som finns på min msn, men om du vill se så skciak ett mail så lägger jag till dig).

  13. Pick me Vince! And the compelling reason is I’m a twin and my brother (younger by 12 minutes) is walking so he gets all the cool shoes…. mommy REALLY wants me to win a pair of these nifty shoes for my toes 🙂 Take care, and you have an awesome website!

  14. In Brunos Größe gibt´s das Model nicht (5 Jahre und Schuhgröße 34/35; wir fragen uns auch des öfteren, wo das noch enden soll…) und Eddy läuft noch eine gute Weile nicht.. habe also wirklich keinen guten Grund. Wir wollen die Schuhe trotzdem, weil sie einfach coooooooooooooool sind! 🙂

  15. Gwyneth Paltrow’s son got spotted in them???? Hey, my little Nicolas got spotted in them as well!!! Many, many times! It was his favorite pair of shoes last summer!!!! And as tragedy goes, they don’t fit any longer and he’s in desperate need of new ones … 27!!! 🙂 We’re in!!!! HEHE

  16. Isaac should have the shoes because he looks just like Vince! If Isaac didn’t already have a twin brother, I’d believe he was separated from Vincent at birth.
    Vince should make sure his twin in the US has some kewl shooz.

  17. count me in!! mayson needs too shoes for her orthodics! we could definitely use them!!!!

  18. How nice of you to give away a pair of shoes! Kayla does need a new pair as her Vincent shoes are pretty worn out now, but since I already won a pair (via The Opinionated Parent) I guess I shouldn’t be greedy so I won’t enter 🙂

  19. Count me in! It’s costly to keep three little boys in shoes. Plus, Evan is now walking and he needs a new (very cute!) pair!

  20. I’d have loved a pair of shoes for Meg, but at aged 10 I guess her feet are probably too big now. Anyway, I hope business is going well for you 🙂

  21. I would LOVE to win a pair of shoes for my little guy.

    Why should he win? Yesterday was his birthday, and shoes would be a great gift. We can’t buy them anywhere in Oklahoma. Finally, as the youngest of 5 children, all his shoes have been handed down from his brothers. He’s a sweet boy and deserves some shoes that have only ever belonged to him.

  22. Umm, look at Will —————>

    Now, such a cute boy should have cute shoes! They would make a great pair 😉

  23. ok I’ve changed my mind LOL Kayla’s shoes are really worn out (I can send you a pic if you want!) and she’s just about outgrown them…so she needs a new pair 🙂
    I blogged about your contest:

  24. Sir Prince Vincent…..

    It is so cool that you own a shoe store and are the most styl’n Prince around.

    Emma Sage would just love a pair of those shoes because they look like they would help her run very fast in her first Special Olympic race later this spring. Her current running shoes are a bit snug and she is due to move up a size…..and what better shoe to move up into than a Prince Vincent Leo model from his very cool shoe store [I know, Momma’s shoes store, but that Prince surely has his kingdom within the walls of the shop at times]

    Come visit our blog to see a picture of Emma Sage running at Special Olympic practice and take note of her worn out running shoes!

  25. My Lacey would look so adorable in those shoes. She would love for Prince Vince to pick her. Only problem is I don’t have a blog. So don’t know if that eliminates me or not.

  26. WOW!very cool shoes…i would love to be able to get my kolby or billy a pair(grandsons)..we raise them because their mom is sick and their daddy is sorry as can be….
    but i see above there are a lot of kids who really really could use these worse.. ….
    i added your contest to my blog ..thank you and have a great week..

  27. Nice Shoes!!!

    Prince Vince the Wise and Merciful,

    I should win because I have 11 kids (see my blog) and cannot buy shoes for all of them. Half of them are probably barefoot right now your prince-ship. So please show pity on us peasants.

    Your lowly servant,


  28. Dearest Vincent, I love your name!!! Hopefully I will win your contest because your shoes are really cool!!! I have 11 children so any color or size would fit someone in this crazy house!!! I also would love to have them because it looks like I don’t need to tie them!!! Big bonus with so many little feet. +Thanks!!!

  29. Miss B just took her very first independent steps! What better way to celebrate than winning snazzy new shoes?

  30. What a great contest – VERY generous!! Our little Libby is 2.5 and is walking up a storm. We just started wearing inserts a few months ago and our PT would like us to get some good quality shoes to go with these. Would LOVE to get the red ones in a 6. I blogged about your contest!

  31. It’s sam again…I want the shoes so bad I am posting again and I made sure I put my blog address…see babysteps…it is a perfect address to advertise your product.

  32. WOW those are cool looking shoes! We are shoe freaks around here. Of course Ashlyn has to have a pair of shoes to match everything she wears!! I can honestly say that I have never seen a shoe like that around here and they look so sporty! Miss Ashlyn is always on the run so I am sure that she would get much use out of them!!

  33. My daughter needs some nice shoes desperately since I am a procrastinating mother. She is almost 10 months old, and she has only had shoes on her feet once in that entire time. She went to her own baptism in socks. So, unless the poor girl gets help from outside sources, she will be running around barefoot the rest of her life.

  34. I know it is probably too late for the contest but that is okay. I just wanted to say that I came across your website and I am excited to check it often. Prince Vincent is adorable! My husband and I just found out that our 2nd baby, due in August, will be born with Down Syndrome. I am trying to learn as much as I can and I find strenght in others experiences. I am looking forward to the challenges and rewards that our sweet angel will bring us. She isn’t even born yet, but I know she will amazing. I look forward to checking your blog to see what Prince Vincent is up to…he is the same age as my son. How fun!

  35. Well, I’d love to win a pair for my son. I’ll spare you a long sob story, but suffice it to say that he doesn’t get much new nowadays. He came home from preschool yesterday with a hole in his $10 Spiderman tennies, and you know? I can’t afford new ones. I’m doing the best I can, and it sucks that I can’t ever seem to stretch for extras.

    I’m sure someone needs the pick me up more than we do, because we’re safe and happy at least. But I’d still love to give him really cute shoes. 🙂

  36. Hey, it was 11:58 pm on 4/24 when I entered! tee hee, my luck is holding just like always 🙂

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