Cover Boys!

Actually, I am not quite sure how our roads crossed, but one cyber way or another Conny Wenk (you know that rocking mega-star photographer chick who makes all those fab photos?) and I became friends. Last year we decided to take her up on an offer that we simply could not refuse.
Her first book Aussergewöhnlich is a really beautiful book written by moms to children with Down syndrome. It is simply wonderful, and it was the first positive book I saw out there after Vince was born. It made all the difference. I first looked through it in the genetic specialists office, I think Vince was about 6 weeks and we had just been told we might be carriers of a translocational gene, and Bookie and I was to have some blood tests. The book was laying there in the waiting room and I flipped through it thinking to myself, this does not look so bad? (Not the book that is, the whole mother hood part and dealing with a new diagnosis). Later a friend let me borrow it and I read all of it.
So, when Conny told me about her new project, and asked if Vince would be up for it, of course we jumped on the bandwagon. Off we went to Stuttgart, Germany and where Bookie and Vince were photographed for the Fathers version of Aussergewöhnlich, Väterglück (translates into something like Exceptional: Fatherhood happiness?) And as of yesterday the book is going to the print shop and being printed, all so it will be packed and ready for the big release day May 29th!

29. Mai 2008 um 18:00 Uhr

im Robert-Bosch-Saal

im Treffpunkt Rotebühlplatz (VHS)

in Stuttgart (Germany)

And of course I am EXTREMELY proud of my cover boys

Pst- Conny, I tagged this post with celebrity, I was thinking about you there. 

20 Responses

  1. Ich bin Vincents Grossvater och ich fuehle auch aussergewöhnliches GrossvaterGlueck!
    Morfar Göran

  2. Fint sagt morfar Göran! Kicki vilken underbar bild! De är fina dina killar. Saknar er!

  3. That is SO cool!! I wish that Conny would make a trip my way – her photos are absolutely beautiful!

  4. Som sagt, hon är en fantastisk fotograf, men å andra sidan- vem kan misslyckas med så granna karlar som modeller? ;0)

  5. Klart att du ska vara stolt över dina pojkar. Så stiliga så!

  6. What a great shot!

  7. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the link too.

  8. Underbart kort!!

  9. Ohh…this is sooo exciting, Christina.
    Hasn´t Conny taken maaaagic pictures again?
    And Vince is really princy!!
    I´ll make the impossible possible to be there on May 29th. To finally meet all you guys personally. Even if it is a very long way from Mexico.

  10. Hej!

    Jag har tjuvläst din blogg sedan några månader tillbaka då jag och min man fick reda på att vi har en lillasyster i magen med DS. Hon väntas komma ut om ca en månad och är vårt tredje barn. Graviditeten har vi använt till att förbereda oss på alla möjliga sätt och vis och inte minst ta del av mycket information som finns på nätet.

    Jag har med omsorg valt ut bloggar och sighter som ger mig glädje och styrka i min förberedelse. Jag vill därför bara säga att jag alltid blir så glad att läsa om Vincent. Han verkar vara en fantastisk kille och du/ni framstår som mycket kloka och bra föräldrar.

    Tack för en mycket bra blogg!

    Hälsar Helena

  11. Jättefina killar du har darling! Och det är när man läser inlägg som Helenas här ovan som man förstår vad ditt engagemang verkligen betyder! Puss!

  12. Oh I want a copy!!!!!!

    What a gorgeous book, with such a gorgeous prince on the cover. Bookie’s not half bad either. lol.

  13. How exciting!! There’s not a better cover option, in my opinion, than Prince Vince!

  14. How fantastic! Great photo, great cover 🙂

  15. Thanks for making my day with a good laugh about the tag!!! Hey, let’s work on getting Cabronsito on stage! His essay is hilarious!!!!!

  16. Otroligt fina bilder på dina killar! Vince är en sån sötnos! Öht väldigt fina bilder på papporna och deras barn i boken.

  17. Åhh vilka vackra kort!!!

    Blir så sugen på att gå till fotografen med ungarna, det gäller bara att de får vara friska ( samtidigt) och att kassan tillåter, sen springer vi iväg!!

  18. How amazing…..and I love your cover boys. I would love to read the books someday.

  19. I knew that was Vince and Bookie when I saw Conny’s post yesterday, but being in German I didn’t know what it was all about LOL So thanks for explaining! and congrats to your cover boys- it’s a beautiful picture!

  20. You are one lucky lady; those are two beautiful boys you are sharing your life with!

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