Vince and I are camping alone this week as Bookie went on a trip to Korea. He has been flying since 10am this morning so I actually feel abit sorry for him. Some good 20hrs total flying time or so fr here.

So in an effort to actually blog this week, there are a lot of exciting things coming this week. And stay tuned for a contest that will be posted within a couple of days!

For now I leave you with the little champ eating ALL on his own WITH a spoon:

5 Responses

  1. Det ser ut som om han behöver en större tallrik!

  2. that is so great! eating like a champ! i was just curious, what languages do you speak when communicating with Vince? do you stick to one or use a few different ones?

    love your new haircut as well!

  3. Was gibt´s den da Leckeres??? 😉
    (möchte Eddy wissen!!!)

  4. Så inspirerande att se Vincent! Det är klart att jag förstår att Masarin också kommer äta själv en dag – men hur ska det gå till 😉

    Vincent är sannerligen min lilla hjälte som visar vägen fram!

  5. yippy vincent!! you need to come mayson how to NOT throw her spoon when she eats!!!!

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