We went to another Christening on Sunday. Bookie’s god son Paul Johann was christened. So off we went to Corinthia, on the border to Italy. On the way there they call to tell us it is cold down there. In Graz it was a typical OK spring morning. We thought we were prepared. So we get off the autobahn an hour and a half later and start climbing (by car) a mountain. We climbed and climbed, and pretty soon snow was on the ground. Finally at about 4,500 feet we find the church. It was very pretty and very small. And a lot of snow on the ground.
We got out of the car and the other guests though we came from some sunshine state the way we were dressed. Especially me in high heels and not a very thick jacket. But I did look good though ;-).

It got worse though. My third try in a catholic church in this part of the world, and same experience again… No heat in the church. Like literally around freezing point inside. Vince, thankfully had skipped the nap in the car, and napped through the whole service in his sleepingbag in the stroller. His mother on the other hand changed color from pink to white to blue. I was so cold I thought I was going to die. But, an hour or so later the service was over and food was already on the table in a restaurant right by. So I did manage to get back to feeling alive. The camera went on a strike (might have been the cold), so no pics from this adventure. Driving home at night the snow fell pretty heavy till we cleared the valleys around Graz. Thankfully, no snow around here!

 In other news, I went for a run for the first time in about 3 years yesterday., the first 10 minutes I thought (again) I was going to die, 5 min later I was sure of it, and then the over exhausted feeling got a way and I was able to run and just pound the thoughts in my head. It felt so good! Today my legs are sore, but I love that feeling. Might have to try it again soon!

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  1. That sounds like a very cold adventure!

    I miss running – I haven’t put on my running shoes for quite some time. You might just have motivated me to give it a go again.

  2. Äh vad fan Kicki, ska du börja träna nu också!! Lägg av genast, jag får sån ångest. Tro mig, det är inte bra, man bara skadar sig. Se bara på Zlatan…

  3. Hann ju inte börja prata om din nyvunna passion igår! Jag önskar jag också ville springa, men det är så urbotat trist ju! Fast det är klart, en i-pod kan ju råda bot på det… Inga fler ursäkter då.

  4. Thanks for the comment! Basically, I was explaining in my post that Joaquin is going to grow up bilingual and that may delay him a little bit at first, but in the long run is going to be the best for him and I was giving the example of little Vince and how he is growing up knowing three languages. It can be done!
    I always read your blog and Vince is sooo cute and growing up so fast. Best wishes!

  5. You might find the running easier if you take off the high heels 😉

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