Curricular Activities

Vince has already started working on his curricular activities so we know what to put down on those college application.
Today he worked on:


Working those martial arts skills


Hard work makes you tired…so we switched to something more peaceful:

Sailing. Even though less physical activity, you need to stay focused at the rudder.

This kid definitely knows what he is doing.

Finished with A+ in both activities.

Pst. If you are wondering what boat he is using, it is still his fab sand box that grandpa built for his 1 year old birthday.

12 Responses

  1. He is one busy and CUTE little guy!

  2. Han kanske kan visa Jackie Chan ett och annat… Hur gick det med ny säng förresten? Vad bidde det?

  3. He’s looking more grown up every time I see him, and by leaps and bounds, not just little bits! And wow, that sandbox rocks!

  4. I can see he’s a natural Martial Arts Master 🙂

  5. Gullefjun!

  6. Hoppsan, hade jag varit skurk hade jag inte velat möta Vincent i en mörk gränd! Nedrans cool och farlig alltså! Påskpuss på er alla!

  7. Wow! I could use him around my house!!

  8. Oh my, Vince is getting very big! I love love love his sailboat sandbox! Beautiful work!

  9. As always, Vince is absolutely adorable! His Akido pictures made me laugh, and the ones of him sailing are so sweet. That’s such a neat sailboat sandbox, he is so lucky!

  10. Oh, we just love that sandbox….and your little Martial Artist…..

  11. Oh he is too cute! I love that sandbox and the photos are just precious

  12. […] 16, 2008 · No Comments Last year it was Akido (for pics proof click link), this year Vince is more into fencing. Who knows what the future may […]

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