Boys Will be Boys

Running around on the grass

He loves wheels. He spins them around and watches fascinated by the motion.

I found him under his stroller where he climb all on his own. My kid sure has skills!

I don’t care that I took this pic against the sun, he is just so sweet in this pic. He loves sitting on a real big chair with his feet dingeling.

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11 Responses

  1. He is so cute! Does he like to swing his legs when he’s sitting on the chair? Delphine loves to do that!

  2. Sötisen !
    Puss fån mormor

  3. Galet söt! Och så mycket energi att man får lust att springa ut själv en stund!

  4. VERY cute picts!! He is so cute!! Rhett loves any wheel he can find as well, and all things round for that matter!!


  5. Sista bilden är ju underbart vacker.

  6. Vilken pussgurka han är! Nästan lika söt som Tage!

    Kramar från Alexandra och Tage

  7. Hej Vince! Synd att du sov sist när vi sågs. Kanske kan du komma hit i sommar så kan vi hälsa på den där självbelåtna Tage och ge honom en match. 🙂

  8. I adore that bottom photo. It’s gorgeous!!!

  9. Superb photos- and in the last post too 🙂

  10. Vince is really growing up! He looks like such a big boy sitting on that chair! Adorable as always!

  11. Will used to like the spot under the stroller too! I love Vince’s hat!
    Such a handsome little man!

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