The camera is finally back with me!
So here is a quick recap of our trip to Sweden:

Vince doing a Britney, driving the car without a belt. Actually, the car was still parked and we were getting the child seat mounted.

Lowa’s Christening

Mom Idha and Lowa (sorry about the red eyes dear)

At Grandma’s place. She turns 97 in a few weeks. Coolest grandma around – that is for sure! The cabinet is fr 1826 and she was telling me the family stories behind each of the objects in there. Really strange that some of the stuff were more than 200 years old!

Of course Grandma had prepared a nice feast as always. And she always sets the table with the best china.

My mom watching TV

Vince falling a sleep with Grandpa (my dad)

Over excited Vince got his own seat (for a little while) on the train

5 Responses

  1. Du är förlåten fast jag ser ut som en djävul på ögonen. Aldrig funderat på att fixa röda ögon EFTERÅT??!! 😉
    Men Lowa är ju söt i alla fall, det räcker.

  2. I love the car pic especially… it’s like he’s thinking, “What?? Is this NOT what I do with this big wheel thing?”

  3. Idha du är vacker som alltid och Lowa är bedårande! Kicki hälsa Burkan att han passar förträffligt med grön handväska. Puss

  4. What a beautiful church! It looks like you had a wonderful time seeing all the family.

    I like Bookie’s purse 😉

  5. Your family is beautiful. I especially loved the photo of your grandmother and her 1826 hutch. I found the decor of the rooms so serene and beautiful.

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