We are in Sweden

We started off as the least popular people on the flight after Vince did a good completed stomach emptier – vomit that is. Got him and us all cleaned up, changed etc just to have a repeat. So Friday was an easy day for him and Bookie while I met up with Angela and baby Thea and Anna and baby Noah for lunch.
Saturday we got ready to meet up with pregnant Alexandra and Stefan in Gothenburg for a big lunch before we headed in direction of Örgryte for Miss Lowas Christening. More pics of that will follow after I upload my pictures. But here is a before family-picture of us. And that is Bookie’s old real pair of Lederhosen that Vince now has taken over.
It was a pretty ceremony, just for Lowa and a fun reception afterwards.
Today I went to my grandmother’s place, while Bookie stayed home with Vincent. It was really nice to be able to talk to her. She showed me some really cool things she had. One was a dinner invitations from her relatives from 1853. And some stuff that was not so old (only 104 years old). Pics of that will come too 😉

5 Responses

  1. Fina-fina familjen! Jag är så glad att ni åkte till Sverige “bara” för Lowas skull! Stora pussar till er alla 3.

  2. What a beautiful family!!

  3. Det var underbart mysigt att träffa er alla i lördags! Saknar er redan massor…

  4. Tänk att du skulle få ett barn med lederhosen. Vem hade kunnat ana? Ni är så fina!! Puss

  5. What a beautiful family picture of you four.

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