Back Again

They did let us out ;-).

First of all, the sleep study. Holy guacamole how little fun that was for both of us. Poor Vince got all tangled up all night long in the different cables that were stuck all over his body. The least favorite things were the combined EEG part (i.e cables all over the head), and the thingie that got in his nose to measure CO2 output. And, the thing around his thumb that he was not allowed to eat on, even though it had a fun red light. But he was a champ. As I had told them, he slept just as unpleasant as ever. Or he sleeps, but he sits up, throws himself over, snores, sits up again, makes breathing pauses (apnea) etc. My guess was his breathing pauses were about 5-8s. Actual results 4-8 sec. The CO2 levels were higher than optimal, but still OK, but not good. The results were exactly what I wanted to hear, tonsils and adenoids out ASAP. So hopefully in about 2 weeks. They were a bit surprised at how bad he sleeps, how little oxygen he does get and how he snores. My input: I told ya! (did not say that though).
As for the sleep study itself, let’s just leave it at if Vince slept unpleasantly, take one quick guess at how comfortable I was in the little hospital bed they put us up in…

Secondly we had the cardiology update. Last appointment was in Aug 2006, when Vince had two tiny holes. Today, the champion himself proceeded to lay still for the EKG, the ultrasound and the heart monitor! Even though under loud protest, he still stayed in one place. And, the best news of all – the tiny holes are completely closed and there is no further need for cardiology updates! Wow, what a great relief! To celebrate, we are off to Sweden and are very excited to be introduced to Miss Lowa & the gang! Pictures will follow!

13 Responses

  1. I am truly glad for you!!! What great news! Off to Sweden it is – enjoy!!!!

  2. Vilka härliga nyheter! Congrats!

  3. Vince is so cute 🙂 My wife and I have a 15 year old son with Downs, Daniel. On a side not, I have sleep apnea so I know how uncomfortable sleep studies are 🙂 Daniel had his tonsils and adenoids out and it made a great difference. He was a very noisy sleeper and after the surgery he slept very silently. Good luck with the Europe thing. We came to the States from Scotland 17 years ago. Not sure how it would be to move back to Europe…………Frank

  4. I’m so glad you got some answers, and that the holes closed! Have a fun trip!!

  5. Skönt att hålen gått ihop! Jag vet känslan av lättnad….Och skönt att få svar och att svarsresultaten går att åtgärda. Har ni vägarna förbi Lidköping när ni är hemma är ni välkomna! Hälsar Anna och Elsa

  6. Härligt att höra!
    Om ni hälsar på gammelmormor måste ni höra av er så vi kan ses en sväng!
    Puss från Pö

  7. Fantastic news about Vince’s heart!

    As for the sleeping – why is it no one ever seems prepared to believe the parent?

  8. Vad bra att sömnstudien visade det ni visste och Vince får hjälp. Skönt att VSD:na gått ihop helt också.

    Förresten så hittade jag den här sidan idag:
    det är Melvins föräldrar som gjort en så fin film och tonsatt texten “Välkommen till Holland”. Gå in och se filmen om Melvin och lyssna på musiken.

    Den visar hur fint det är att få ett barn, oavsett vilken sorts kromosomer man bär på.


  9. Sounds like our report from E’s sleep study…right down to the Co2 levels.

    So…when is Vincent having his surgery? E’s is on the 12th.

  10. My little guy is going to taking these test in April, because of repeated pnemonias. Can you tell me more about this test, so I am more prepared to ask questions. Your son is adorable, best of luck

  11. You’ve got so lovely pitures on this blog. 🙂

  12. Skönt att höra att hjärtat är ok nu! Och bra att Vince nu får hjälp med nattsömnen. Härligt kämpat!

  13. We are bringing up the baby who has the Down’s syndrome in Japan.
    The smile of vince was able to make us a smile.
    Vince is very lovely.
    The photograph is also very beautiful.
    We will visit this site again.

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