Vince and I

Are checking in to a all inclusive ‘hotel’ tomorrow. Also referred to as the University Hospital of Graz  – for a sleep study that will hopefully tell us that yes, indeed the child snores, and yes indeed he does have a slight sleep apnea, and yes indeed the removal of adenoids and tonsils should help him with that. When we wake up on Wednesday morning, we rush down 5 floors to the cardiology. The day has arrived that seemed so far away. The second heart ultrasound in Vincent’s life was back in August of 2006. It confirmed that the ductus had closed (the first one was done when he was 4 days old), it also stills showed two tiny (less than 1.6mm) holes that we hope have grown away now. No biggie if they have not, but still let’s hope… Updates will follow when they let us out again!

6 Responses

  1. Vi håller tummarna att allt går bra!
    Kram Anna och Linnea

  2. Vi tänker på er, men mest tänker vi på att vi får se er på lördag! Stora kramar!
    ps. Jag tog bort mina polyper i näsan (eller var de nu satt… ds.

  3. mitt “ps” blev lite kort, menade att jag gjorde det när jag var fyra år och det gick hur smidigt som helst, och jag är ganska normal tror jag trots det. 🙂

  4. Kommer bli hur bra som helst!!! Bli inte rädd av vad Idha berättade- de flesta får inga men alls. HAHAHAHA

    Ska bli underbart att ses till helgen!

    Stor kram

  5. Oh that sounds so familiar to us! We keep all our fingers crossed and look forward to hear from you soon!!!!!
    Too bad I don’t see you in Munich!!!

  6. E is having her tonsils and adenoids out on the 12th. She is also having a GI scope and PH probe. Fun times…or not.

    I hope you get the results your looking for in terms of the sleep study. We were on the fast track to the tonsils and adenoids coming out after ours.

    xo r

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