Cars and Chicks

Vince and Bookie came by the store to visit me yesterday. Naturally he got new shoes, this pair. He is such a wild little kid (as said before NO clue where got that from). All he wants to do is walk on his own and preferably ride the escalator – alone that is. Needless to say, he is not allowed on the escalator alone, which usually brings a screaming round about. Luckily, we have now managed to bribe him to stay around the store front, to the small fee of €1, which is what it costs him to ride the automatic car right next to my store one time. Saturday he was extra lucky, cause he managed to squeeze in the car with his favorite local chick, Sophie.



3 Responses

  1. Åhh sötnos!!
    Längtar så efter att träffa er på fredag!

    Stor kram fr mig o Thea

  2. underbara bilder, vi längtar till lördag – och måndag!

  3. They’re adorable!

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