Kicked Out

Vince and I had such a fab day on Thursday. I had the day off, and decided to just have quality time all day long 🙂

First we went to get his hair cut (again, it grows fast), then we walked into the city in the warm spring weather. It felt like it was forever since we walked along the river to the city. Vince slept in his stroller the whole way. Graz is really a beautiful city. We walked along the old buildings, uptown to my friend’s coffee shop. Apparently Vince loves onion bagels with turkey, cheese and field salad. He ate the whole thing.

Sporgasse, Graz

Scholssberg, Graz

Sackstrasse, Graz

Then we got on the street car and headed to the hospital for Vince PT session. His PT had not seen him walk so much yet, and she was amazed at how great he can walk. He walked the whole hallway up to her without falling. I can not say enough good words about our PT. She is just amazing! She always helps us get in with the right people, she honestly cares for Vincent, and she seems to know everyone who is good to know when you have a child with special needs. We just love her. Unfortunately she is retiring in November. Anyways, as Vince is walking so good, we no longer have the right to free PT 😦 So we are out! I mean, I am really happy about that, it is just that she is so great and we will dearly miss her. She said we can sneak in a few more sessions to work on Vince feet muscles. He still needs some more specific feet exercises to help him strengthen the foot muscles. So lots of standing on the tippie toes and lots of swaying him around on the floor exercises. But after that, we are through.
So I scheduled a new speech session (ST) instead. We will start that now and do it every 2 weeks. Of course, the PT got us hooked up with the ST in the children’s hospital (most therapies are scheduled out of the University Hospital of Graz). She is also free, and she is really good. She has a private clinic too, but we will do it through the hospital (i.e no co-payments). The main focus will be on speech understanding – so ‘open the door’, where is the book, close the door, pick up the doll etc. Should be fun!
On the street car back home Vince charmed all the ladies, and was so excited that he got to taste my diet Coke (impossible to not let him if he sees a bottle) that he giggled and laughed the whole way home. It was absolutely wonderful to just have a day with him where we did nothing extra ordinary!

8 Responses

  1. Åhh vad jag längtar till Österrike och Graz …. Vilka fina bilder! Kul att Vince impar på sin sjukgymnast så. Hälsningar Anna och Elsa

  2. It looks like it was a beautiful day and you really got to enjoy it!

    That’s so great about the walking, even though you’ll lose the PT you like so much.

  3. That DOES sound like a good day. Isn’t it funny how you do really well, learn to walk, and they boot you right out?!? But it’s neat that he’ll start with ST. I bet he’ll love it.

    And I always love your scenery pics….just amazing. Makes me want to travel to beautiful places!

  4. Underbart !!
    Kram mamma/mormor

  5. It’s so beautiful there. I’m glad you enjoyed a beautiful day with your little Prince.

    xo r

  6. Sounds like a wonderful day. Vince is really do so well! I am so glad!

  7. Hej!
    Jag tror att jag o Thea får boka in ett litet besök, ser så fint ut!!
    Åhh väldigt roligt att läsa om Vincents framsteg, han är så duktig killen!! Thea vill lära sig en massa av honom när hon blir tillräckligt stor för att hänga med i hans tempo.


  8. It is so pretty there!!! Sounds like a great day!

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