Fact or Fiction?

I found this list on this webpage, and thought it was rather informative:

Fact or fiction?

Children with Down’s syndrome are only born to older parents.

Fiction: 80% of children with Down’s syndrome are born to women younger than 35. However, the likelihood of having a child with Down’s syndrome
does increase with the age of the mother.

Children with Down’s syndrome are always happy.

Fiction: People with Down’s syndrome have the same feelings and moods as everyone else.

People with Down’s syndrome cannot form relationships.

Fiction: People with Down’s syndrome are perfectly capable of forming all types of relationships with people they encounter in their lives, be it friendship, love or dislike.
People with Down’s syndrome cannot have children.

Fiction: Women with Down’s syndrome can and have had children. It has been recorded that two men with Down’s syndrome have become fathers. The information about fertility in people with Down’s syndrome is very outdated and based on research in institutions where men and women with intellectual disabilities were kept apart.

All people with Down’s syndrome will eventually develop Alzheimer’s disease (dementia).

Fiction: Although many people with Down’s syndrome do develop dementia in their later years, this is by no means inevitable. Research indicates that the incidence of dementia in people with Down’s syndrome is similar to that of the general population only that it occurs 20-30 years earlier.

6 Responses

  1. Fact or Fiction: Vince is as cute as they come.

    Fact- Vince is freakin’ adorable.

  2. That’s a great article. I knew about most of this, but I remember early on reading something about having children and it being uncommon in people with DS. I wondered then whether that was more to do with being institutionalised rather than fertility, but I hadn’t thought about it since. However, Meg has now turned 10 so it’s something we are going to have to think about in the next few years

  3. I found your site today while searching for more information on DS. Our dear friends just had their first child and found out she has DS. When I first heard the news I cried. However, your site is inspirational and has helped me to see things in a new light. She may have more challenges in life but she is still a beautiful baby girl that I am sure we will all fall in love with.

  4. hmm, lite som för oss andra som anses vara normen (vad det nu är). alla har styrkor o svagheter, och ingen vet vad just JAG ska drabbas av som äldre. antar att Vincent precis som oss andra bara kan leva ett så gott liv som möjligt, han har i alla fall fått en grymt bra start! 🙂
    puss från mig o Lowa.

  5. hi, i’ve been silently enjoying vince for many months now, he is such a doll!… my daughter livia is only some weeks older than him and we live in switzerland, tho i’m originally canadian. i’m finally saying hello and look forward to exchanging w you, especially regarding germanic vs. north american info (etc). liva started w signing times also about the same time as vince, and these days she’s making big jumps. an hour doesn’t go by w/out her circling her hands over one another (=signing times) to say she’d like to watch it again… a couple days ago she signed banana for the first time. i think it’s such a wonderful opening door for all of us.

    regarding fact & fiction- may we always be open for updated versions of the truth!


  6. That’s why I keep reading your blog – not only do I and Ramona love to see the latest Vince pics and videos, but it’s always informative too. Thanks for that!

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