Picture Proof

Here are some pics from this weekend and Vince signing:

DOG (patting your thigh)

BIRD (he does it up on his head instead of by the mouth, but who cares!!!)

HORSE (he waves the hand kind of like bye bye, but a little different. But he does it when the horse is on TV)

Then we moved onto the finger paints…

Which he actually thought looked like they would taste good

But they didn’t

Later it was off to sleep land in a space PJ and patriotic Swedish socks 😉

13 Responses

  1. lääääängtar!

  2. ZOMG He is too damn cute for words. I love his little jammies! 😀

  3. Vilken sötnos han är!

  4. What sweet he is! And really great socks!

  5. Look at this BIG boy!!!!! OMG – he’s getting so big and cuter every day, if that’s possible at all. Love your PJ’s!!!! See you in two months!!!!! ♥

  6. Delphine likes to do her signs by her head too.
    He is so cute and I love the last photo of him asleep – he looks so comfy!

  7. He is just getting so big!! Like a little man ready to take on the world.

  8. wonderful photos.


  9. What a great time! I loved when Will was starting to learn signs.

    Vince is cute in anything, even multiple layers of paint!

  10. He looks so good! It is weird, but Joaquin actually puts his leg like Vince to go to sleep. That is so cute!

  11. You’re braver than I am to allow the finger painting LOL He is so darn cute – I love his blond hair!

  12. Too cute! He’s really growing up!

  13. I love the last pic. It looks like Vince is playing the air-guitar. Love him!

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