Vince is feelinga  lot better and has been fever free since Sunday morning. He is still coughing, but his lungs are clear now. But he still needs to be home till Wednesday at least. So it was a lot of DVDs in the last few days, but do you know what, we have new progress!!!! We now have 9 signs!!!! Or Vince does at least! We LOVE Baby Signing Times!!!!
The signs Vince can do and know are: light, eat, drink, mom, dad, dog (favorite one), cat, horse, and fish (sometimes). I am SOOOOO proud of him. He understands more signs, and he does not yet use his signs to communicate, but when he watches the movies he makes the signs along. And whenever he sees a dog he does the sign for dog! How cool isn’t this!

Also, in the meantime, check this out! It is my mom’s new store that she opened last week. She knows everything there is to know about pets. She wrote 3 books about dogs, cats and horses, that are selling in the hundreds of thousands in Sweden. So if you need to know anything about animals, check her place out!

7 Responses

  1. I’m so glad Vince is feeling better! And the signs…that is so fast that he’s picking them up. That is very exciting!

  2. cool affär & cool logga! 🙂
    det är inte svårt att se varifrån du fått dina entreprenörsgener..! puss.

  3. Å vad bra att Vince mår bättre, skickar här en krya-på-dig-lite-till-puss från Luddis!

  4. So glad that he is feeling better. I think signing is so cool – I love watching Delphine use signs!

  5. Wie schön, dass es Eurem kleinen Mann wieder besser geht. Und man sagt ja nicht umsonst, dass die Kinder aus einer Krankheit immer einen Entwicklungsschub mitnehmen.

    LG Ulli

  6. Wow! Great Signing!

  7. Djupt imponerad av teckenproffset! Vilken känsla det måste vara, ni har gjort ett fantastiskt jobb som öppnat den världen för honom. Och vad skönt att han kryar på sig! Kram

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