Verdict is In

And pneumonia it is. Poor Vince. He just keeps coughing and coughing and coughing. Bookie and I take turns sleeping on the extra bed with him as he just coughs so much laying down in his own bed.
I bought him a whole bunch of mini-smarties yesterday (Like mini M&Ms) and he is so cute sitting on the couch eating them with a perfect pincer grip out of the miniature box they come in. My little bugger.

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  1. Oh no! Poor Vincent (and mom and dad). I hope he gets relief from his cough soon – I bet those mini-smarties will help 🙂

  2. Awwwww, I hope Vince feels better soon!!!

  3. Vi tänker på dig Vince och hoppas du blir kry snart! Vi är också förkylda men ingen hosta eller lunginflammation, men heller inget godis… 😉
    Puss från Idha & Lowa.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear this! Seems like Vince has had his share of sickness lately…hope he’s better soon.

  5. Krya på dig Vincent!

  6. Krya på dig Vincent
    Puss & Kram från mormor

  7. I hope he feels better really soon!

  8. ohhhh…Poor Little V. Get better, my boy!

  9. oh poor Vince is right! I’m sorry he is so sick and will keep him in my prayers that he gets better soon!

    In case you haven’t seen it yet I gave you an award 🙂

  10. Stackars lille gubben! Krya på dig Vincent!

  11. Hi ihr Lieben! Der arme kleine Kerl, ich wünsch ihm alles Liebe und gute Besserung und viiiiiele M&M`s!! (nicht vergessen, die gelben sind die mit erdnüssen!!).
    Danke auch nochmal für den Tipp mit der Kinderärztin, die ist der Wahnsinn!!!

    LG und alles Gute,
    bis bald Susi, Andi und Eva Amanda

  12. Usch, så dumt! Tänker på er. Hoppas du blir bättre fort, Prinsen!

  13. Jag har hört att godis ska vara det bästa botemedlet mot vilken sjukdom som helst- så fortsätt med det! Jag äter även i förebyggande syfte- haha!

    Kram kram.

  14. Alla hjärtan till Vincent idag och så hoppas jag att han snart kryar på sig. Och att han givetvis får sina minigodisar så länge som hostan sitter i 🙂 Kram!

  15. I hope Vince is doing better today – I wanted to say that I got your comment about the French exchange student (blogger doesn’t give me email addresses to reply to). I asked Vincent if he would contact his Aunt in France to see if she might know of someone.

  16. Oh, poor little Vincent – give him tons of kisses to get better soon! Thinking of you! HUGS

  17. Poor Vince! That’s exactly how it happened with Will, the coughing with fever, then, on our way into the emerg. dept. in the middle of the night, he covered both of us with vomit.

    It’s not how I thought pneumonia played out. Vince will bounce back quickly I bet, and wonder where the regular supply of Smarties went?

    Give him a hug from us.

  18. Hope he gets well soon

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