New Show!

First off, we do other things than watch TV in our family. Vince gets his fair share of educational shows (Signing Times) but other than that, and the sports I watch it is not a lot of TV watching. For example, we went to a little petting zoo on Saturday and yesterday we went to an indoor playground. And we had family dinner all together both days.
With that said, we did found a new show. Life Goes On. Santa actually brought it around Christmas, but I was a little sceptical. Unless you know it, the main guy, Corky has Down syndrome. I had never heard of it before, as it actually is from 1989. So, I did not want it to be a petty show, or where they just threw a guy in there with a handicap to make it more diverse etc. Well, I was wrong. It is actually really good. OK, extra good if you happen to have a kid with DS. Turns out, Corky is pretty much the main character. The story is good, Chris Burke, the actor is really good, and I found myself looking at all skills I never paid attention to before. His motor skills, his speech and other ‘typical’ DS issues you have been ‘warned’ off having a child with bonus chromosome. We watched three episodes yesterday, and it was very uplifting and encouraging. Not that I think/want Vince to be an actor (he will be a sports superstar 😉 ) but again, it is nice to see things are really far away from that horror picture that was painted in front of us about 20 months ago. Funny how something that seemed so bad, really is not bad at all!

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  1. Fick mig att tänka på I en annan del av Köping- underbart program som följer ett gäng förståndshandikappade. Urgulligt och superroligt! Men antar att ni inte kan se det hos er?

  2. I watched Life Goes On when it was first on the air and I liked it. I didn’t have any particular tie to DS as I do now so I think it’s a fair testament to it being a good show on it’s own merit.

  3. I remember watching that show when I was a teenager – I loved it!

  4. I’ve been meaning to watch this show forever (ever since someone – when I told them my son has ds – said, “Hey, he’ll be just like Corky!” Not really the right thing to say to a new parent, but I won’t let that spoil my viewing the show) 🙂

  5. Åh, ja! En annan del av Köping är ju helt fantastiskt!! Man blir så himla glad av det. Det verkar som om man kan gå in på och ladda ner det där.

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