Last night I finished the last season of Gilmore Girls on DVD. Two weeks ago we finished the last season of the Sopranos. I am still sad that Sex and the City ended (even though I am SO looking fwd to the movie). What am I going to watch now? I dreamed I was in Stars Hollow last night… Sometimes life is rough – and mind you – I do have to order it all on DVD as everything is synchronized here, and in order to watch shows online you have to have an American based ip address. Argh!

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  1. I was so sad when Gilmore Girls was over 😦 I like Veronica Mars- can you find that on DVD?

  2. Min vän, jag har svaret. Twin Peaks. Fick boxen av Johan i julklapp, har älskat varje minut. Är fortfarande lite kär i agent Cooper.

  3. Du kan ju alltid kolla in Dallas från början, borde vara ett tidsfördriv om något. 😉

  4. I wonder if you could fake out the ipaddress by going through a proxy website…something like *shrug*

  5. Do you guys have Cashmere Mafia over there? While I didn’t watch Sex and the City..many are comparing it to that..

  6. Min favvoserie Days of our lives finns ju också i ganska många avsnitt annars…. Puss.

  7. I know what you mean … just yesterday I was thinking on Tuesdays we used to watch Gilmore Girls and how I miss that show!

  8. Oh my, tvivlar mer och mer på din smak, vännen. Gilmore Girls? Skojar du??? Håller med Emma- Twin Peaks. DET är kvalitetsunderhållning. Jag är fortf rädd för Leo… *scary*

  9. I just know how you must feel . . . our Nip/Tuck DVDs are about to come to an end and I’m already freaking out. I really DO hope there is a life after it… 🙂

  10. I loved Gilmore Girls and was sad to see it go, but I have taken up Men In Trees as my new love and House. Love the medical stuff!

  11. Hej vännen!
    Förstår precis vad du menar med GG 🙂
    Jobbigt läge.

    Tror att 7th Heaven finns i typ 200 avsnitt.

    Kram på er!!
    Ser fram emot att träffa er snart
    T vill gärna krama lite på Vincent

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