Back Again

I am back in Austria again. Thank G! I flew from Stockholm till Munich and then changed plane to Graz. I had talked to Bookie in the morning who told me it was really stormy weather in Austria, so I was a bit surprised to see that there were no delays in my flights. Anyhow, off we went – on to the worst flight of my life – and I have flown quite a lot in my life. Thankfully, I was flying alone, if Vince had been with me, there would be no chance I would have been able to hold on to him.
The flight from Munich to Graz is about 50 min. The turbulence/panic mood started after about 30 min. Just as the stewardess were handing out drinks. Out of nowhere, the plane started shaking/falling like crazy. So one of the stewardess ran back with the drink cart to fasten it so it would not fly around. The other stewardess fell and keep flying/bumping around the isle. People were screaming, throwing up and drinks and sandwiches were flying around. I have never been that scared in my life… Finally we were able to land and when the door opened I was the first (but not last) to empty my stomach on the short walk from the airplane to the bus that would take us to the terminal. I got my bag and headed to the parking lot, where I once again emptied the remains of my stomach. I drove home, realizing that it was still really windy outside. Finally pulling in at home, a huge tree has crashed over our house. The firemen had all ready removed it from the roof, but it was now laying in our so called garden. Our apartment is OK, but we are gettinga  new roof ASAP. This is what it looked like this morning:

This pic is taken fr inside our living room

Someone wants to go outside…

13 Responses

  1. Låter som en supersnajsig flyresa- not! Jag är inte avis…

  2. Puh…. man blir ju illamående bara av att läsa hur jobbigt det var. Skönt att det gick bra iaf.

  3. Christina! Did you feel like you woke up that morning in an alternate universe?? What a bizarre day! I’m SO glad that you’re home safe and sound, even if a new roof is needed. The worst fear I’ve felt has been in turbulence…Hate It!

  4. Oh my – that flight sounds just terrible!

  5. OMG! I am SO glad you are all ok!

  6. Låter ju som en actionfilm ju. Usch, såna vill man se på film inte vara med om själv!

  7. vi är så glada att du kom hem hel… verkar väldigt mysko att de lyfte alls!!! hoppas ni fick lite kompensation. puss.

  8. WOW! that’s awful. I’m so glad you’re all okay, though.

    Welcome home!

  9. OMG, I feel turbulances just reading that. I was just going to call you …. I guess I’ll wait until tomorrow night, hehe. So, talk to you soon!!!! HUGS

  10. Sorry you’re return home was so uncomfortable! I was on a flight like that and a baby bounced from it’s mother’s lap and crashed into the overhead bin and landed in the aisle. I always bought a seat for my baby even though they could have flown for free on my lap, because that image was so horrible and I’ll never forget it.

    What great service that the firemen removed the tree. Here in Seattle (USA) you are at the mercy to hire a tree cutter, and they always charge a fortune when you are helpless.

    Welcome home!

  11. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a flight that was so bad I threw up. That must have been awful for you.

    And then the tree!

    You must have felt you’d pissed off the wrong gods somewhere

    Glad you got home safely in the end

  12. Jag förstår alla dina känslor… Vilken upplevelse, den går liksom rätt in i stora rysnerven. Jag hoppas dina pojkar gosat mycket med dig sedan du kom hem. Det är du väl värd!


  13. Oh my goodness! How awful for you…and scary! I don’t like to fly and the little bit of turbulance does me in so I can only imagine what this would have done for me! I would have been emptying my stomach alongside you! Except I probably would have still been on the plane when it happened! Glad you made it home safely and what a site to greet you! Glad Bookie and Vince didn’t get injured with that fallen tree!

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