Stockholm Part 2

Actually after I wrote about the grey day yesterday I took the subway downtown and strolled around and took a long walk around Kungsträdgrden, down Sveavägen to Odenplan. The sky cleared up and the sun came out to a crisp January day. It was really nice strolling around on my own for the first time in a long time. Even though I miss my boys a bunch!
I then met a Anna at Hard Rock cafe for a burger and then took of too some Vincent meetings (the shoes). I love working with these people. I just love it. They are great, nice and really human people. I did the whole corporate life stuff at my old job and I did climb the corporate ladder fast.I went from Accounts Receivable to Group Controller in just 3 years, reporting straight to the Board of a very large world wide company. I made  lots of money. I worked lots of hours and I stressed all the time. It sucked. Having my own franchise business is really a dream coming true for me. Meeting with the Vincent guys in Sweden their first question is always ‘How is Vince/Where is Vince?’
They are just great people.
To add to more of my liking, out all of the shoes sold in Sweden in February from Vincent, 20SEK (ca $2.50) per pair will go straight to the Swedish Heart Foundation, benefit many children with AVC etc. That makes me happy.

Today we had meetings all day long again. All the franchisers from around the world were here and the new spring/summer shoes and fall/winter 2008/2009 was introduced. All I can say is that they are amazing! I am thrilled!

Tonight I spent a bunch of time with my niece and nephew (my little booger for a Godson) and they are so much fun, We colored, had ice cream and talked. Tomorrow, more meetings, some shopping and possible a dinner or a moving in party!

3 Responses

  1. Hej fisfis. I am very proud of you. Enjoy your time in Stockholm, everything is fine here.


  2. Hoppas du har en bra sista kväll för denna gången. Göteborg nästa? 😉

  3. I hope you enjoy yourself. You deserve it!

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