It was no fluke that he got out of bed the other morning. He did it again after a nap on Saturday and got a blue bump on the forehead. I told them at day care this morning and they told me he had done the same thing there. He is skilled my kid; you see at day care he has a bed that is like a travel bed. He usually falls a sleep (and wakes up) a little before the other kids. They tried to keep him in the same room as the other 8-10 kids, but Vince would just wake the others up when he woke up by throwing himself from mattress to mattress (they have little mattresses and blankets on the floor in the sleep room). So, therefore he has been having his own little cot in an other room. And now he has mastered to climb out of that one too. Thanks for the tips on the beds! We will make a decision shortly, before any more bumps or bruises…

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  1. Vincent and E would make a fabulous couple. Just imagine the things they could climb together. lol.

    How about buying him one of those indoor climbers, and trying to teach him that it is the “safe” place to climb?

    I say this as E can climb on top of the washing machine with great ease, climb tall playground in leaps and bounds. 🙂

  2. Grattis Vince the Climber på namnsdagen! Hoppas mamma bakar stor tårta till dig- det är du värd. Kram kram från mig och Fisen.

  3. Å här gick jag upp i ottan för att gratta Vince, å så har Alexandra hunnit före..! 🙂
    Hur som helst – stort GRATTIS till Vince!!! Kanske dags att sätta honom i träning för Himalaya eller så..?!

  4. Grattis Vincent!! Måste säga Kicki, efter alla historier jag hört om ditt vilda barnaliv (och upplevt i ditt vilda tonårs liv) är jag ju inte förvånad över att du fått ett livligt barn. Kram

  5. Jag o Thea säger GRATTIS PÅ NAMNSDAGEN Vincent!!!

  6. If you’re not quite ready for the big boy bed, they do make these mesh netting things that go over the crib so they can’t climb out.

  7. Mycket att fundera över dessa dagar! Men Vince går från klarhet till klarhet (och ljuvlig blev han också i nya frisyren!). Om du har tiden har jag en liten utmaning till dig… Redo för 7 sanningar om dig själv? Du hittar instruktionen på Masarinmamman!


  8. The mesh thing Michelle said is great! We put Jack in his big-boy bed when he was 18 months. When we moved to Florida we just went ahead and did it. He had a TON of pillows propped around him and one side was up against the wall. He did end up on the floor a few times… 🙂

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