New Hairdo!

As the last few hair cuts have not gone the way I wanted I was skeptical to take Vince again. But his hair was simply too long, so this morning we went. He was being so good (all though bribed by cookies) and sat still almost the whole time! He did a few attempts trying to catch the scissors as she was cutting, but mainly he stayed still and in good spirits. So here are a few befores and afters:

He loves standing ON things

He loves to brush his teeth

Like really loves to brush his teeth, he threw a tantrum when I tried to take his tooth brush away. Last pic of his looong hair!

With the new do! Mommy is very satisfied!

Happy little guy!

My little rascal!

18 Responses

  1. Vad fin han blev. Stora killen. Och vilken fin pyjamas dessutom…

  2. Tycker det är gulligt med lite längre hår, men visst, han behövde verkligen en klippning!!! Och det blev ju kanon! Stor kram på er alla.

  3. He looks so cute!!

  4. Braska looked at these pics and gave a little whistle! (Well, something excited, anyway. :o)

    I never noticed how long it was getting, but he is awfully handsome with his new do!

  5. Oh my goodness he is so cute. I could just kiss him for days.

  6. Han är ju söt i viken hairdo som helst måste jag säga. Mitt barr är också alldeles för långt och jag är inte lika söt som Vince i det…

  7. Awwww SOOOO adorable! I love his little hair cut!

  8. He looks great 🙂

  9. awww. love the new hair cut!!!!

  10. It doesn’t matter if long or short hair, Vincent is always one of the cutest boys around!

  11. Sicken sötnos!!!

    Thea hälsar att hon gärna dejtar om några år 🙂

  12. So handsome!

  13. Åh Christina han är ju så sött. Vilken kille han..
    My hälsar…

  14. Heja, heja
    Kram Mormor

  15. So darn cute!!! We should meet for a session, hehe! HUGS

  16. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…….he’s amazing!

  17. What a cute haircut! He’s adorable as always, and just growing up so quickly!

  18. Wow, Vince is always super cute, but now looks like a real gentleman with his haircut. Way to go Vince!
    P.S. I really like his shirt too!

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