New Dimensions

Vince woke up around 6ish this morning. I heard Bookie get up and get in the shower, I stayed in bed and listened to Vince playing in his room. After a few minutes I got up and went into his room. Vince was sitting on the floor playing with his toys. I wondered why the heck Bookie and taken him out of bed and then gone to take a shower? When Bookie got out of the shower I asked him, and he told me he had not put Vince on the floor. Hmm. So our kid now knows how to climb out of his crib. I did hear a somewhat loud sound before I went into his room, but I figured that he had reached the stuff in his window and thrown it on the floor (he does that every morning). I guess that sound was my kid falling/climbing out of bed. There were no bumps or bruises on him though, so I guess he perfected the first attempt. So now we are going bed hunting. For a big boy bed. Any suggestions?

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  1. Heja Vincent
    Puss & kram från mormor

  2. Härligt Vincent! Det är inte många som lyckas överlista dina båda föräldrar så där! 🙂
    Kram till dig din filur.

  3. Ja du Kicki, nu är friden slut. Kan gå, kan klättra ur sängen.. Dags att placera en gps-sändare på barnet.

  4. Wow – he’s getting so big!!! I will check back on the bed thing and see what you’ve come up with. Need a new one for Nic too!

    Hey girl, when was your b-day …. just saw that, hehe. Happy belated birthday and aaaaaaallll the best! HUGS & KISSES

  5. Men hjälp, inte så lite duktigt gjort av Vince. Kan ju säga att min annars så väldigt påhittiga son aldrig kom på hur man gjorde det…Nu fasar jag dock bara att lillasyster ska lyckas, men inte än på ett tag. Fast hon har bröjat försöka ta sig upp på knä redan…krypa? Nej…

  6. Sounds like you guys have an escape artist on your hands! I’ve been waiting for the day that Joey does that, lol! I actually saw some very cute toddler beds at Ikea the last time I was there.

  7. No suggestions on the bed, but go Vincent! Wow!

  8. Delphine jumped out of her crib on Christmas morning – it was bad. I’m glad Vince didn’t seem to be hurt. I have no suggestions about the bed, but I’ll be following what you decide. He sounds like such a little character.

  9. I really wonder how they do this – it seems difficult to climb out of a crib, doesn’t it? Anyway. Moritz is now 17 months and has this ikea bed (vikare) since last week: . We always had a co-sleeping arrangement, so he has never been used to a crib. Once we tried to put in the 4th rail but it turned out to be a desaster.
    We now have the VIKARE standing in the corner of the room, one side is still attached to our bed (he loves to climb in our bed in early morning), so only one short side is “open”. We loved this bed because it seemed to be the only one that had a reasonable width. All the others seemed so small. Another good thing: it can even hold an adult! So – later on, you can use it as a guest bed.
    Good luck with your search!

  10. Excuse me, but holy c***! WTG, Vince. You little gymnast!! 🙂

  11. Wow, impressive. He’s quite the escape artist.

    We got Eli an awesome bed when he turned 2…it’s a Scandinavian bed too but I can’t think of the brand right now. I’ll have to look on the bed for the name, but he’s asleep in there at the moment…will let you know.

  12. That is quite the accomplishment! lol!

  13. Stor kille nu! Heja Vince! Nu ligger världen öppen för honom att upptäckas 🙂

    Jag tycker också att tipset om IKEAs säng är bra. Vi har en vit sådan till storebror och det går även att köpa till en extra ribba så att de inte kan rulla ur sängen på natten. Och så kan föräldrarna somna i den också (man blir bara lite ihopknycklad…).

  14. OK, I found out what brand the bed is…it’s a Flexa. We got the removable side rail for it too, since Eli would totally fall out without it.

    Good luck!

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