I took the day off yesterday and got to hang with Vince in the morning as he had EI. It was great! He loves his little therapy sessions. I assume as he loves to be the center of attention (hmm where did he get that from?) and with therapies he has a one on one play session where he charms his people completely around his own ways. His little laugh just makes me melt.
I then took him to day care where I also stayed behind a little and talked to his teachers. I asked a little bit about his eating habits, and how they fed him. They told me he eats of a plate sometimes with a fork/spoon and sometimes with his hands. I could not believe it. If Bookie or I put a plate in front of him at home, it is on the floor in less than 3 seconds. Even if it has the sucky-thingie on it. He can get it off the table in no time. So, to hear that he sits (on a  REAL little chair) at the table and eats with a spoon like his little peers was a nice surprise. Apparently he actually stays seated too, and does not climb up on the table…
After dropping Vince at day care I headed to pick up Carro and we went and had manicures done and then a  big sushi lunch. It was just such a nice, relaxing and recharging type of day. I am SO happy that the new girl is working out!

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  1. darling så skönt att höra! du är verkligen värd lite mer egen tid! och underbart komiskt härligt att vince äter på dagis så fint. säkert är det ofta så med barn som trilskas lite hemma. längtar efter er! hörs snart. puss.

  2. Åh jag blir så glad för din skull! Härligt med manikyr och sushi.

  3. Instämmer med föregående talare! Är glad för din skull. Och det där med att Vince uppför sig exemplariskt på dagis är nog mer regel än undantag för kids… ;0) Såna är dom, di smao rackarna!

    Kläm kläm.

  4. Yay for Vince with the eating, but what a sneaky little guy! Giving the good show to the day care! I’m glad the new girl is working well, and you sure as heck deserve a day of manicures and sushi. I’m a little jealous, though. :o)

  5. Hey, I just realized you seemed to have had your birthday recently – congrats! My turning 30 is not until June but already highly dreaded – hope you did fine…

  6. Too cool! Vince needs to come over and show Joey how to finger feed!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful day! How great the Vince is eating so well – he sounds sneaky too (Delphine is like that also).

  8. Hmmm. Maybe I should send Abby to day care; she throws all her food to the dog at home, so I’ve given up on self-feeding for now.

    Your nice day off sounds great!

  9. Glad the new girl is working out; now I’m hungry for some sushi for lunch.

  10. I’m so glad the new girl is working out too!

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