The new employee will work out. She seems good and I am so far satisfied. I have now managed to cut my work hours fr 60 hr/wk to 31. So 3 days off completely (4 incl Sunday) from work and I will have time to do stuff with Vince again in the day time. Bookie is heading back to work for more hours too. Wow, that half year went by fast…
What this means is also that I will be going to Sweden by the end of the month. I will be flying solo this time, so four days without Vince and Bookie in the big city (Stockholm). And just as a coincidence, I received an email in my box the other day from that lovely PO.P place, stating that they personally invited me to the opening of their sale… Let’s not discuss what type of amount of money you need to spend there to get that type of invitation…

3 Responses

  1. *haha* PoP älskar dig vännen… Inte svårt att förstå alls. ;0)

    Hps det funkar med den nya tjejen- jag och Fisen håller alla tummar och tår!

    Stor kram.

  2. Instämmer med talaren ovan. Puss!

  3. Jag också!!
    Synd att det bara blir Sthlm nu i januari, men så är det, svårt att få till allt. Men vi syns ju längre fram i vår!!

    Puss och kram på er!!

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