We had a lovely and relaxing Christmas. We were alone this year for Christmas Eve, which is the day we celebrate. I had to work till 1 pm, and surprisingly enough, a lot of people were buying shoes!
In the afternoon Jultomten came by with presents. About the same time, the first vomit of the day started… Along came a fever and all that other good stuff. Vince was a little champ as always and stayed relatively happy throughout the evening:

Vincent by the Christmas tree

Not too sure about that Santa guy (Jultomten) who happened to come just as Bookie went and got the newspaper 😉

Opening a present. Holding on tightly to his hammer that was part of an other present. He held on to that thing all Christmas.

Checking out a book, with the hammer in hand, just in case

Checking out an other book, hysterically funny thought mom and dad.

Standing up with his new suit case, perfect for our upcoming trip to Sweden.

He really got into opening presents, this one he started to open on his own. And it was a:

Spinning Zebra from Fisher Price (nope, I am not being endorsed for this), I think Vince joined an other 50 or so bonuschromosome kids his age from Sweden who alll got this for Christmas. It was recommended on a DS site, and it is really great for gross and fine motor skills. He loved it from the start. Even with the fever and after vomiting he was riding himself sweaty on the Zebra.

He keeps checking himself out in the mirror as he is playing. That is why he keeps looking to the right.

Yesterday Vince started to feel worse and worse. He could not keep anything down. So instead of a trip to Vienna to meet up for Christmas celebrations with the rest of Bookie’s family, we took a trip to the overfull ER at the University hospital. Thankfully our little kid loves the electrolyte water, so he was not dehydrated, so after a loooooong wait and a general consultation we were sent home. Vince fell a sleep immediately. Throughout the night he had a fever around 40c, that is a lot in F too. This morning he seems a bit better and at least could keep some toast down. He is still sleepy and cranky. The only thing that keeps him happy is snuggling with him or letting him wash his hands. For hours. He loves it. He throws the biggest tantrum when you think it is time to leave. He sat outside the door to the bathroom and screamed for a good 10 min, before I gave up and we went washing the hands again. No clue where he learned that?

19 Responses

  1. Hihi, jag visste väl att mammsen och pappsen skulle gilla bajsboken… ;0) Hoppas Vince också gillar den.

  2. Ohhh, look at all those neat presents – lucky Vincent!!!! And what a cool Santa stopped by, too bad for Bookie that he missed him, hehe! HUGSSSSSSSSS

  3. Glad att Vince gillade sina böcker! Även om hammaren verkade än mer poppis!! Lowa älskad sina skor…eller ja, jag älskade dem i alla fall. 🙂
    Tänker på er nu, hoppas Vince mår bättre.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear that the Prince was sick on Christmas. I hope he gets over that quickly! Looks like you all had a happy holiday anyway…Merry Christmas!

  5. Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas despite Vince being sick! Kayla has been sick for over a week with a very runny nose and I can’t get it to stop! LOL

    I can’t believe how “old” Vince is looking!

  6. Åh det dåliga samvetet bankar. Presenterna ligger fortfarande inte på posten… Tur att han är så liten så han inte har superkoll på dagarna. PUSS

  7. Glad to hear Christmas went so well even with Vince being sick! He looks so cute on his new zebra! Hope he feels better soon…

  8. poor vincent. I hope he is feeling better and no one else catches it!! glad to hear you had a nice christmas even though he was sick! love the xebra toy. something we may have to get maymay !!
    oh and bookie make a great santa!!!!!

  9. Grattis på 30-årsdagen världens finaste kickidarling!

    Stor puss o kram!!

  10. Hipp hurra och grattis för dig idag stumpan!!!!
    30 år och snyggaste pärlan!!

    Hoppas du får en supermysig födelsedag!!
    Saknar dig! Hälsa killarna

    stora kramar i massor
    (min andra hälft säger grattis oxå såklart)

  11. Jag instämmer i de två ovan skrivna inläggen! GRATTIS ÄLSKADE VÄN! Önskar vi kunde varit där med dig, men vi får fira i januari!
    Pussar från Idha, Henrik & Lowa.

  12. GRATTIS på 25-årsdagen hjärtat! Hoppas du får en bra dag. Tänker på dig. Stefan och Fisen hälsar. Kraaaaaaam.

  13. Hipp hipp hurra!!
    Ett stort Grattis på födelse dagen.

    Presenten ligger här hemma o väntar tillsammans m V julklapp.

    Stor kram fr mig o Thea


  15. I am sorry that Vince was sick for Christmas. It doesn’t look like it slowed him down to much with the present opening though! He is such a handsome boy. We were in Vienna for Christmas about 6 years ago, SO beautiful! I hope to return some day, maybe with warmer weather.

  16. I hope he feels better soon…even when he’s ill, he’s a beautiful little boy! Happy holidays!

  17. So sorry to hear that Vince was sick over Christmas. I thought the growling potty-wolf was funny too! Love the Zebra ride! Your Santa…he was vaguely familiar to me…hmmm.

  18. I’m sorry to hear Vince was sick on Christmas! That’s always the pits! Kennedy wasn’t well either, though we didn’t end up in the ER thank goodness! Glad he had a good Christmas despite the yuck!

  19. Nu har dom satt upp skyltar på min gata där Vincent ska öppna!! Bara något kvarter bort. Spännande! Puss

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