I am SO excited, SO excited, SO excited. I am a big sports fan, all kinds of sports, so with the European Championships in Soccer in Austria and Switzerland this summer, I am excited. Tickets are as hard to come by as it is to get Vincent an appointment with this Ergo-Therapist we have been trying to get in with since May (i.e impossible).
This morning we had some friends over for breakfast, and as usual I asked if they knew a way to get tickets to the games Sweden are playing. You see the real way is that there was a lottery you could enter, you would enter the game lottery for the games you wanted to see, max 2 games per address. All online, it was then drawn, and if you were lucky you got tickets. Needless to say demand highly outweighed supply and only a fraction of the people who wanted tickets got them. So, believe my surprise when I asked Andy if he knew anyone with tickets to the Sweden games, and one simple phone call and 2 min later I was in the possession of 2 tickets for the Sweden – Greece game in Salzburg! Wohoo!!! So THANK YOU ANDY!!!!!!

Bookie was overly excited too. Not. He said he will go if he has too, but he would prefer not too… Vince would love it I am sure, just check this pic out to see how much he loves soccer, and especially the Swedish team

Checking the World Championships in soccer out, summer 2006

14 Responses

  1. Åh, vad avis jag blir!!!!

  2. What a great little (big!) surprise! I hope it is an awesome game! Sounds all too familiar for me to be excited about a big game and M to be only mildly tolerant. I don’t know much about sports in your parts, but Go Sweden!

  3. Hoppas vi kan vara hos er då och att vi hittat fler goa vänner med biljetter! 🙂
    Pussa på Vicnent från Lowa.

  4. Just stopping by to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas.

    Rebecca, H, C, and Miss E.

  5. Cool how some dreams come true!

    I wish you, Bookie and Vincent a merry Christmas und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!!

    Kind regards from
    Nicole, Franz and Ramona

  6. And CUTE flashback, this pic!!!!

  7. Congrats on the tickets! We are the same way with hockey 🙂

    I also want to wish you and Bookie and sweetie pie Vince a very Merry Christmas and a fun New Year. See you in the New Year!

  8. Gott mos!
    God Jul till Vincent med familj från Linnea och hennes familj! Kramar i massor!

  9. Hej!
    Gud va kul att du fått biljetter!
    Om Bookie vill vara barnvakt följer jag med dig utan problem 🙂

    Riktigt GOD JUL till er!!
    Kram fr mig o Thea

  10. Hope you all have a great Christmas 🙂

  11. Merry Christmas!

  12. Great picture from another huge soccer fan… Merry Christmas!

  13. Åh men HALLÅ!! Dumpa mannen och ta med dig mig istället. Ser det som enda lösningen!

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