Lucia Celebrations

Even though a few days early, we went to the Lucia celebrations yesterday. The real Lucia day is actually on Dec 13. Lucia is a Swedish tradition where the queen of light comes and shines light in the middle of the dark winter. Sweden is so far north that approx half of the country gets no daylight in the winter half year (in the summer it is 24 hours daylight on the other hand), and just a few hours in the southern part.
It is no religious holiday, but as the priest in the Evangelic Church of Graz is Swedish, it has become a center point for Swedish traditions. Yesterday was no exception:

Vincent really liked the singing and was a VERY good kid during the whole thing. I love his little profile, it has really not changed much at all from the ultra sound picture we got of him in week 19 of my pregnancy, except that he has grown a lot 😉

Lucia and her Tärnor and Stjärngossar are coming

It was mainly ERASMUS (An exchange program between different Univesities with in the EU) students taking part and not so many kids this year. I hope Vincent wants to be in next year.

3 Pepparkaksgubbar (Gingerbread Men)

The little Tomtenissar (Mini-Santas) are dancing to Tipp Tapp

The end!

And finally winding down in bed at home.

8 Responses

  1. Go and search yourself at Blogger’s Choice Awards. ;oP

  2. Åh, jag vill också se luciatåg…Får väl tvinga mina egna barn nästa år kanske.

  3. En av de största och bästa anledningarna till att skaffa små knoddar måste vara luciatåg! Så fint, så många minnen från när man själv var liten. Lite sorgligt att man har gått i sitt sista luciatåg..

  4. What a beautiful celebration. If I wore candles on my head I would surely set myself on fire!

  5. önskar jag inte var så ytlig, men gudars vad vincent är söt! eftersom han inte är mitt barn så måste det ju vara så också, eller hur? partisk är jag inte.
    kram på er.

  6. Thanks for the lovely photos, we celebrate St. Lucy’s day by having one of the girls wake up the family in the costume pictured here, bringing us coffee and coffee cake in the morning. She sings. “wake up, Lucia comes today, oh, be glad, Lucia comes in bright array, to open our hearts for Christmas Day!”

  7. Here’s how we celebrated Lucia in Seattle:

    And this post shows photos of my girls and me as a child celebrating Lucia:

    It’s one of our favorite celebrations. We’ll be doing another Lucia with family this Saturday at home. Wish you all could join us!

  8. Thank You for sharing this…It was just beautiful! I hope you all are feeling better!

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