Tagged for a Wish List

I have been tagged by both Masarinmamman and Söt och Snygg for a Wish List. The rules are:

“Eftersom det är jul snart tänkte jag köra på önsketemat. Men det behöver inte vara realistiska önskningar eller materiella saker. Så här gör ni: Skriv en önskelista med sju önskningar. Motivera dem, kort eller långt. Tagga sju bloggare som ska göra detsamma.”

Or in English 😉
Since it is almost Christmas this tag has a wish theme. It does not have to be realistic wishes or materialistic things. This is what you need to do: Write a wish list with severn wishes, describe your wishes, short or long, and then tag 7 Bloggers to do the same:

1) More life quality skills for the people with prejudices about Down Syndrome. Let’s not even get started on this one.

2) That Vince gets healthy real soon, gains weight and the Celiac test comes back fine

3) That the rest of the tests (Leukemia, Thyroid etc) comes back with good results too.

4) A new cash register system. I HATE UNIMATRIX and Schnepf Computerkassen where I bought mine. Negotiations for a new one system will start ASAP!

5) A bookshelf that refills automatically with new interesting books I have not yet read. And of course I get to keep all of them afterwards too. I love reading and there can never be enough books.

6) A shopping day for me!

7) Lots and lots and lots of (buying) customers!

Ok, I tag Melissa over at Banana Migraine, Tricia over at Unringing the Bell, Tom over at Narrow Ridge, Kelly over at Where There is a Will, Jessica over at Raising Joey, Karen over at Lion and Magic Boy, and Cate over at I Don’t Know What to Say.

3 Responses

  1. Thanks for tagging me.. and hoping yours come true. I especially like your bookshelf wish… if only I could have a clone of myself – one to live life and the other to read. 🙂

  2. Haha, whats about this one thing you asked me a hundred time to build for you? The automatic book-page-turning-machine which is holding your book just in the right position when you are in bed and turns the pages whenever you are ready, so you can have your arms nice and cosy under the cover.

  3. If you find that bookshelf – please let me know!

    Beautiful list 🙂

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