Yesterday was Krampus. And as I now work in the mall, I was able to see my first live Krampus-Lauf, cause they had one inside the mall. If I got it right, there are a few people dressing out in scary looking suits. Think Big Foot mixed with something evil. And if I got it right, this guy comes and scares the kids to be nice till Nicolo comes (today), but it works all the way till Santa comes. “If you are not nice, the Krampus will come” kind of thing.
All I got to say is that I am happy the neighbor next door (the Zoo store) warned me about it, and that Vince will not get to see it till he is at least 25. I base that on that I am almost 30 and I got scared like s***, and he is a lot braver than me so he can see it at 25. The pics are really not in focus, lots of people, loud drums, lots of noise and lots of people screaming along with a bad photographer (i.e me) brought that on:


Here you can (kind of) see 3 Krampuses, they have these big spike looking bats in their hands too.


 I know, sucky pic, but still, one Krampus ahead.

As for my little bug he is at home with Grandma and Grandpa today. He is doing a lot better already. He actually slept till 8! So I was running really late this morning.
We will be testing for Celiak disease next week 😦 I know it is not a big deal, but I still hope it gets back all good. I am especially not looking forward to a possible gastropi (spelling) on my bug 😦

5 Responses

  1. I’m glad Vince is doing better! I hope nothing comes of the Celiac test.

    Krampus sounds like quite an event, I’ve never heard of it before!

  2. Hello Kiki!
    I can feel with you! I also really don´t like Krampus. I´m afraid of them, because they are looking soooooo ugly and making scary sounds! I had luck this year, because I didn´t see any Krampus…
    Hope to see you,Vincent and Burki soon!

  3. Wow – they are really scary!!! My MIL grew up in Austria and we were just talking about this on the phone the other day, when we were discussing other countries/cultures. She recounted how their family had been over in Austria one Christmas and they had been dining with a friend, and were going out to see the parade. When it was time, my hubby and his siblings were excited, and the Austrian kids had gone and hidden so they didn’t have to go see!

    I think at almost 40 I’d be scared too!!!

  4. that seems like an odd tradition to have! how scary for the kids!

  5. That is some scary cr*p. I am so thankful we don’t have Krampus!

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