Vince woke up a little warm this morning. I checked him and sure enough he is running a fever. When I took his PJ off, I noticed he was having huge pink fields all over his body… So off Bookie went with him to the Dr (she just rocks, we called, and he could come immediately, no wait), and sure enough he has scarlet fever.

He lost weight again and his curve is now pointing downwards 😦 She suggested to run some tests to make sure it is all working all right. We have his 18 months check up anyways next week, so we will just add those tests to the others he will need. I hope he is just feeling under the weather and it is nothing else…

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  1. oh my…i’m so sorry he has scarlet fever, and that he is losing weight.

    please give him a big kiss and hug from all of us over hear across the big pond.

    give yourself one too!

  2. Too bad to be reading such sad news – I keep my fingers crossed that he soon has an upwards trend again (curvewise) and that he especially gets over the scarlet fever quickly, poor little guy!

  3. Oh no! Poor Vince. I hope he starts feeling better and gets his weight up. Delphine and I are sending kisses and hugs.

  4. Hej Kicki!
    Hoppas Vince kryar på sig snart- han har åkt på lite sjukdomar på sistone, stackarn! Jag skickar en kram genom cyberrymden till er alla tre!
    // #3

  5. I hope Vince feels better soon!!!

  6. Get well, get well soon Vincent!

  7. Lowa skickar lite krya på dig-kramar och vill gärna ses snart. Puss.

  8. Oh, armer Vincent! Wir wünschen ihm gute Besserung! Liebe Grüße Cristian & Nicole

  9. Å stackars Vince, pussa på honom från oss i Värmland! Krysa på dig nu lilla gubben!

  10. Oh no 😦 Hope he is feeling better soon! Just a note – the blood testing for celiac isn’t super reliable til between the ages of 2 and 3. We had Brady tested at 3 and again later just to make sure. Hope that Vince is okie dokie and feeling better asap!

  11. so sorry to hear that! Hope he is on the mend now!

  12. awww poor vicent. mayson had a fever for 3 days and then a rash. roseolla!!!!
    hope he is felling better soon!

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