Thank You!

For all the nice comments left below! It made me all mushy 🙂

We had a rather uneventful weekend – yeah right, such things are not possible in our family. To start it off, Bookie missed his connecting flight from Frankfurt on Saturday. Not good… I was in the store (first Christmas shopping weekend, and loads of people) and Vince was home with the babysitter, who was scheduled till 11.30… Thankfully she could stay till Bookie came home in the afternoon.

Vince and Bookie (jet lagged) went to sleep around 7.30 on Saturday night. I stayed awake later just relaxing, when all of a sudden I heard Vince coughing and coughing, and the very next second he was throwing up all over his bed. He was on his bed so I lifted him up and he launched a load onto me too. Got him changed and brought him into Bookie while I changed the bed. Put him back and he fell a sleep again. 30 min later the whole thing repeated itself again. And about an hour later the same thing again… So the rest of the night I slept on the couch with Vincent so I could hear if he was choking or throwing up again. But he did not, he was perfectly fine and overly excited around 1 pm to be sleeping in the same place as me. He woke up all smiles around 5.30. I guess it was something he ate? Cause yesterday he was just fine and his usual self.

We had the DS Christmas party yesterday and it was so much fun as usual. I love that group of people! The high light was when the kids drew names out of a basket and then got to give the child whose name was on the paper a wrapped present. This kid Valentine got his friend Anya when he drew the name, and he proceeded to propose to her. They are both 11. We also got to meet and talk to Simone Fürnschuß-Hofer who wrote this book.

3 Responses

  1. I’m just catching up on my posts, and am so sorry you had such a rough week. It’s hard to know what to say when someone you have a relationship with ends up disappointing you. I deal with that a lot with someone very close to me when we talk about d. I think Jennifer summed it up wonderfully (as usual).

    As for this post, I’m glad Vince’s but didn’t hang on too long and that Bookie finally made it home.
    The Christmas party sounds like fun!

  2. hoppas vince fortfarande mår bra. och att bookie fortfarande är hemma. 🙂
    kommer sakna er i jul, men hoppas se dig/er i januari.

  3. Sorry about your rough week too. Give Vince a hug and soft back rub, it will make you and him feel a little better.

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