They Are Here!

The Signing Times DVDs we ordered, and the flash cards, and the book and the CDs are all here. WOW! It really IS amazing. Not that I think you guys lied when you recommended it, but THAT good! I am so excited. I only watched the first Baby Signing Times with Vince this morning and he really liked it. He even started to play with his hands and kind of did some almost signing things. This is a hit for our family! I also found that so far almost all the signs we have done before are the same. Mom and Dad are different, so we will stick to the old ones, but the rest is almost identical. Cool! And is that Brady in there???? Sure looked like him?

And for Dad:
A very happy Vince woke up in Mom’s bed.

Ready for a day at day care again!

He is not crying, just has a blocked tear duct. Happens a lot. We have thousands of pics like this one, Vince loves to crawl up to the camera and grab it, but Mom was faster this time!

All suited up for a day outside – he was actually laughing, not crying. I haven’t figured out how to take the pics without the reflexes not going crazy… And all Vince’s jackets have them, it is dark in Sweden in the winter you know… Today he had reflexes on his winter suit, shoes, gloves and hat 🙂

6 Responses

  1. Han är verkligen BEDÅRANDE! Vad fint han passar i pop-outfiten. Puss

  2. That first picture with his smile is so cute!!!

  3. He is so cute! Love the standing-in-the-wagon pic. He looks like a little boy!

    I got William a jacket that has those stripes. Plus a plug-in battery that goes in the pocket and lights up the back. Where do they think I’m going to let him go? Out in the woods alone at night?

  4. So glad that you are enjoying the ST videos so much already! Yes that is Brady in one of the baby ST!

    love the pics!

  5. Signing Time rocks! Joey loves watching his DVDs!!!!

  6. Ohhh – love the pics!!! The reflectors are very cool! Vince is totally adorable! HE needs to come over here and be in a SigningTime video 🙂

    Brady was lucky enough to be in both Baby SigningTime volumes, but more in the first one 🙂 Soooo happy that Vince likes them – we think they ROCK 🙂

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