Small World

My friend who was pregnant with the little boy with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, had her little baby boy last week on Tuesday after a planned c-section. The boy is otherwise healthy, though he did develop a fever, a common side effect of the medicine that keeps his ductus open till surgery. The surgery was planned for Monday, however, an other baby who was not doing well at all came in, and their surgery was pushed back till today. I talked to them yesterday, and they are doing OK, even though they now have to mentally prepare themselves for the open heart surgery for a second time. The good thing about pushing the surgery back was that they obviously believe him to be strong enough to handle it.
I told Bookie about it yesterday and he says, yeah I know.

How do you know?

Well, apparently one of the guys who is on the business trip with him lives in the same city as the heart clinic is in (it is only done in one hospital in Austria), and his girlfriend works as a nurse on the heart surgery team. Small world!

Anyways, send some good vibes to the Alps today. I am sure they can use it.

3 Responses

  1. Definitely sending them some vibes…I know the place they’re in right now, and it’s so hard. Wishing them the best.

  2. keeping this family in my prayers!

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