Oh No…

I was going to write this entry about our wonderful weekend. Like what a great day we had yesterday; big breakfast together all three of us with fresh bread and smoked salmon and cheeses etc. Then off to the indoor pool and swam and played with a very happy (and wild) kid. Vince slept for almost 3 hours afterwards, and Bookie and I relaxed and read books. Then we went to dinner at a friend’s place and had more good foods and lots of laughs.

Today in the morning Bookie took Vince to the day care on his way to the airport. He is going to India for a week (he is now working part time ca 18 hrs per week except for this week). Turns out day care is closing for the week. Some extremely contagious viral infection is going around (Hand-Foot and Mouth disease they are suspecting – NOT the same as Foot and Mouth disease) and some kids had been in the hospital this weekend. Great. So Bookie calls me tells me Vince can’t be there, and he is bringing him to the store. Sure, nothing else to do! So Vince and I played around the the ball pit and with some toys in the store, before Bookie’s parents came and picked him up. They are all at home at our place now. Like magic it worked out that the new babysitter we just met can take him every morning this week, and the other one can take him in the afternoon. So, knock-on-wood, we should be set for the week… Being self-employed is not always such a blast.

But, as I promised Burkas (Bookie) here is the  video of Vince this morning. Stranding and watching the Wiggles and trying to clap and dance at the same time:

12 Responses

  1. It’s good that everything has worked out – I hope Vince manages to stay clear of the bug that is going around!

  2. E was smiling ear to ear watching Vince. So cute!

  3. Heja Vince, sötaste killen i världen! Kanske kan Lowa få bli din fru? 🙂

  4. What a talented little guy! 🙂

    Hope the week works out well!

  5. Hej angel, thanks for the fun movie. Made me really smile and happy. Vince and you rock! Stay healthy, pusspuss

  6. Super big grins on my face, thanks to Vincent! He is doing great standing so steady at such a young age. He will be doing the Hot Potato and Fruit Salad dances in no time!

  7. He is so cute! What a happy guy!

  8. Jag diggar verkligen mammsens uppmuntrande tillrop i bakgrunden!

  9. Ojojoj vad han är duktig!! Och så glad.

  10. sooooo cute!

  11. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Oh, er is ja sooo süß! Liebe Grüße von Christian&Nicole

  12. what a cute video!! He’s just adorable!

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