What a Week

It has been quite a week. Long hours at work, two sick boys at home and way to little sleep. But friend S (see you guys Sunday) stopped by with chocolates and big bottle of champagne on Tuesday which made the whole week happier. The bottle is put in the refrigerator at home for now. However, today another friend stopped by with 2 bottles of mini-champagne, chilled and all, and the cool thing when you are your own boss is that you can drink at work 🙂 So, now 0,2l of Frizzate later, I am feeling way more relaxed on an otherwise seemingly stressful Saturday.

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3 Responses

  1. Vill du anställa mig? Eller gäller bara champagne-drickandet för bossen? 🙂

  2. Mig med mig med!! Jag får INTE dricka champagne på jobbet. Så j…a taskigt av landstinget alltså..

  3. Har också en enkelspårig arbetsgivare där, men who gievs? Måste ju överleva, jag å Fisen… Botten upp å in i dimman.

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