We do not watch a lot of TV [anymore] as it is all mostly dubbed into German. I miss TV, and I am very excited about watching shows online, which I can combine with the slow times at work. Anyways, somewhere along the line we missed that cut from analog to digital TV reception. So, the other week when I was going to watch the ski-race, we found that we had in fact no channels. Some satellite channels, but not the regular channels. So, my hero Bookie took the matter into his own hand and went and bought  the digital box. The other day we installed it, but I am guessing towards the wrong satellite. Who knew there were so many? Astra 1D, 1E, Thor, how do we know? Turns out we have a bunch of northern African channels, mainly Algerian and a lot of muslim channels… So now I will not complain anymore about the dubbed German on TV….

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  1. Det är ganska enkelspårigt här i Sverige också om man tänker efter. Det enda språket vi får höra/se förutom svenska är amerikansk engelska. Borde ju finnas fler program och språk än så kan man tycka att visa…. Hoppas ni får ordning på tv’n.

  2. We get three channels, one of which is so fuzzy I can’t stand to watch it. We don’t have cable television, so all we get is what comes in by way of fate.

    My children are so thankful for a good internet connection to bring them the shows they like to watch on the computer.

    I hope you get your situation figured out, my goodness, I can’t even imagine.


  3. I think this area of the UK makes the switch to digital sometime next year. Unfortunately do to the bit of landscape we live in, we cannot receive it until the switch is made, so there’s no point in buying a box early

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