The Pics!

Last night as I was laying a wake after Vince woke up for the millionth time, and I had given him some more electrolyte water, I had this really great idea for what to write on the blog. But today, i can not remember what it was. So instead, here are the pics fr the Day Care party. Rumour has it that Santa might be looking into a new camera for the Bretter-Molin’s. Let’s hope so!

At the party with dad

Watching the play

Not staying sooo focused on the play…

Here with Mom and with the Lantern

Singing with the Lanternas

Being cozy with Mom on the couch

6 Responses

  1. I loooved that last pic… Wish I could be there as well!!! You, Vince, me and Fisen. How about you Idha?

  2. Looks like fun!!

    I love the last pic too! You look so cuddly 🙂

  3. oh he’s just getting so big! hope he’s feeling better!

  4. Effektiva reflexer har har gossen. Känns tryggt!

  5. I’m in !!

  6. I love the last one!!!! Snuggling with my little boy …. they grow up so fast 😦

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