I just finished the Piano Teacher by Elfreide Jelinek yesterday. I am not sure if I liked it or not. Definitely VERY strange book, and apparently well written too. First I loved it, then hated it, and now I am just left very confused… And because I went ahead and read the summaries of what her other books are about I am thinking I am not liking it. Regardless, I need to find new books to read!

3 Responses

  1. Den boken har jag tänkt läsa väldigt länge nu men det har inte blivit av! Attans då om den inte var bra. En kort recension på min mejl kanske? Vi hörs ikväll. Puss.

  2. Håller med, den boken är lite… annorlunda, so to speak. Vet inte om jag skulle rekommendera den? Men som sagt, man läser ut den för man vill ändå få grepp om kvinnan, men…

  3. I love books by Beverly Lewis. They are a bunch of different series of stories about amish. They are great and addictive!!!

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