Climbing Therapy

Vince absolutely LOVES climbing. I guess he inherited that gene from Bookie, who would be the happiest man on earth if he could climb glaciers and mountains every weekend. Thankfully, his urge to do so has declined since we met. Vince’s PT suggested that we started climbing therapy with Vince as soon as he can walk. To say the least, Bookie is thrilled. Apparently this type of therapy will be great for his balance and building of back muscles along with a lot of other muscles, not to mention the peace of mind of Vincent’s father. He just needs to learn to walk first, and then the too of them are off to the climbing hall. Till then, practicing in the living room will do:


8 Responses

  1. Hej Vince, that is soo cool! And today in the morning, after we put the shoes on, he was standing really good and even took a step – all by himself.

  2. Climbing therapy…I’ve never heard of that, but it sounds like fun to me.

  3. That just looks like too much fun!!

  4. Forgot to say that climbing therapy for little kids is good for focusing and muscle tension of almost all muscles.

  5. Climbing therapy sounds smart to me! I´ve never climbed myself (except from one or another swedish körsbärsträd, does that count?) but here comes a reason why I should give it try! At least to give Masarin a good laugh…

  6. Look at him!

  7. I have to thank you for this information. Our PT never mentioned climbing therapy. I’m breaking out our little step ladder today!

  8. wow iam impressed!! go vince!!!!!

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