I had a little helper helping (?) me getting ready to open the store this morning. No one got hurt, and he even ate his breakfast like a champ. Dad took him with him for an IKEA shopping adventure after this. And yes, I know the red eye reduction was not on – or at least I know now…


Pulling out all the Mini-Frogs…


I am on that Mom!


Yes they do seem to fit good.


I want these too!

14 Responses

  1. Now there’s a boy who looks damn good in denim. 😀

  2. What an adorable helper! Love his shoes too!

  3. Sötis där
    Mormor & Morfar

  4. Great to have a live model in the shop 🙂

  5. Snygga dojor han ville hjälpa till att ta fram åt dig! 🙂

  6. Fina bilder!
    Ja visst var det Vincentpjucks på Viran. Men de är himla svåra att få på. Har du något bra tips? Hon hjälper inte till med foten direkt 🙂

    Vad cool han är i jeansjacka!


  7. I sure wouldn’t mind a cute helper like that around here!

  8. Men, hallå? Bara för man bloggat fint hela oktober är det ingen ursäkt att slarva i november! Kräver nya bilder på gudsonen! Gärna i pop-mode!

  9. Yeah! What a great Vince fix! And what a great helper to have keeping you company!

  10. That is one handsome store clerk!!!!

    Sir Vince, you are one handsome prince!

  11. The attitude in that last picture is obvious. Go Vince! He’ll be running that place before you know it.

  12. he is one good looking sales man

  13. you have the cutest helper in your store!!! i gotta get a pair of vincent shoes for miss maymay one of these days!

  14. He is so cute!! So tell me, those shoes look like they have a thinner softer sole. Are they really flexible? They look like exactly what Rhett needs, that I cannot find anywhere around here.

    How much do they run? I am really interested in getting some. Rhett just cannot function in thick sole shoes. Hmmmm……

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