Get It Down 31 for 21: Post 32

Thanks for the feedback on the nose issue (post below). I just know I read/heard some time some reason why it was not good for kids with DS to have the adenoids removed. Anyone remembering something like that?

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  1. Hey Christina…I know for Kallie she couldn’t have them totally removed cause she has submucous cleft palate and removing them would cause her palate to shift and affect her speech. Hope that helps!

  2. I have no answers for you but i wanted to let you know you have been nominated for a award!!

  3. Being a healthcare provider- I have never heard of a physician taking only the adenoids (A) and leaving the tonsils (T)-although maybe somewhere someone might be doing it. Generally-if they are going to take a child to surgery and remove one-they will remove the other; in the event that the anoids don’t solve the problem-then they tend to blame the tonsils. They use to perform the T&A all the time-but it is not done as frequently since they have a better understanding as to their immune system function. In any event- good luck and hope Vince feels better and the new doctor treats you better.

  4. Sean had both removed this Spring and it has helped him tremendously! It is extremely common for kids with Ds to get them removed.

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