Get It Down 31 for 21: Post 29

Somewhere between Vince kudos from day care and seeing little kids with colds in the store all day long, I caught a good one myself. Not much to do but pop DayQuil/NyQuil till it gets better. But to add to the fun, Vince has decided that sleeping till 5 am is sufficient for the last 3 nights in a row. By then he is standing in his bed – calling for someone to pick him up – with a full diaper. So before trying to bribe him back to bed with us, a diaper change is necessary. He is VERY wild while changing the diaper, so after that you might as well give up on the idea of going back to sleep. And to add more factors to why I am tired, we got some more DVD boxes of the Sopranos, which we just HAVE to watch when I come home at night. I miss American TV… Yes we have a TV here too, but all the shows I like (And all the others as well) are dubbed and are all in German. I hate watching CSI, Friends, Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewives etc when they talk German. Especially when I know what their real voices sound like. It got so bad that I got all excited about finding that all shows are not dubbed on MTV (even if most like MADE and Real World are) and I ended up watching a marathon of Hogan Knows Best… 

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  1. FYI… has full episodes of CSI! Enjoy!

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon – I’ve got a cold too. I remember being in France and seeing movies dubbed in French w/ different voices. It was weird!

  3. I lived in Europe for nearly a year so can relate about the TV shows. Here are some places you can watch TV online, with lots of it in English.

    TVU Player (You have to download the player, but you can watch a lot of shows in English)
    Choose and Watch
    Beeline TV

    All these sites are free and are perfectly legal and respectable. (although some of the banners on a few are a bit… )

    Hope you find something to watch.

  4. Sorry to hear you are so sick and I hope you get better soon!

    Yes I was going to tell you that you can go to, and and watch the current seasons of shows online!

  5. Get well soon Christina!
    I guess it is just weird becausse you are used to the TV Shows in the original version. I myself think it is funny when I am in USA and everything is in english, which of course I understand, but I am not used to. Well, lange Reder kurzer Sinn: I feel for you.

  6. hahaha you are so funny.

    Hope you are feeling better!

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