Get It Down 31 for 21: Post 28

Vince started a new session of swim classes yesterday. Bookie is going with him, and to make sure they would be there on time for changing and getting ready they were a bit early. It was 20 min before class started and Bookie said it was simply impossible to keep our child out of the water. Vince had no fear whatsoever about putting his head under and he still remembers how to hold his breath as he dives.

Fall is finally here, and people seem to be more into buying shoes! So, I am busy enough during the days. thankfully there is a public holiday on Friday, so the mall is closed! I could use an extra day off.

7 Responses

  1. That is so great that he was so into it. Delphine has decided to be scared of the water now.

    Enjoy your day off!

  2. Hej!
    En riktig liten badkille!!

    Kul att höra att affärerna går bra, men inte helt fel med en ledig dag kan jag tänka mig.

    Stor kram!

  3. Hej Christina-

    Loving your site. I tagged onto the sock monkeys too! Thanks! We have not started swimming classes yet but going to hopefully soon. How old was Vince when you started his?

  4. I’m thrilled your business is going so well!

    And what fun for Vince!

  5. När kan man börja med det? Är Lowa för liten som är 9 dagar gammal..? 😉 Vill ju gärna att hon ska bli ett litet vattendjur också, som jag var inna jag ramlade ner från trampolinen -89. Puss på er.

  6. glad to hear the swim lessons are going so well! and enjoy your day off!

  7. Yay Vincent–swimmy fish!

    Yay for selling shoes!

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