Get It Down 31 for 21: Post 23

I finally had a chance to install the energy saving lamps above the cash register (i.e where I spend a lot of the day) and it is so much nicer, the temperature dropped significantly! So, as the morning was slow, I managed to spend an undisclosed, but yet horrific amount of money at PO.P. (It is your own fault if you click on the link, their clothes are all to die for). But now Vince should be covered for the winter! Snow is expected on Saturday! Just have to figure out the logistics of getting the goods here (i.e. send Emma – please,please,please, and thank you?!? to pick up the stuff at Vallgatan, Götebeorg) and then have her send it here… And yes that is an official request to follow up the email 🙂

Here the booger is before we went to day care the other day. He actually was happier than he looks, all dressed up for a day outside!


Bookie went back to work part time this week. He now works 18 hours a week. So I take Vince to day care in the morning and drop him off. He really likes it there. They have this little climbing area in one corner of the room, and if you climb on top of one of the things it has a huge mirror to look down into. Vince loves it. He climbs up there, points at himself and laughs. The other kids follow him and do the same thing. Haha, who would have guessed my kid would be a leader and not a follower 😉 ?

14 Responses

  1. I would have guessed darling! POP skall besökas i eftermiddag.

  2. Ohh vad du är sööööt Vincent !!!!!
    Kram mormor

  3. Vince is the true leader, and a trendsetter as well!!! Look at that outfit… Niiiiice…

  4. Those clothes are too cute! He’s bundled up so nicely.

  5. Hei Christina and Vince, thanks for adding me to your list. We have had a crazy busy week over here but I try to come on even for a moment or two and read more about you guys. I love the winter attire! Here in AL it is 80+ degrees still(26C I think) and I am dying for some cooler weather!
    Hope to catch you online soon!


  6. p.s. LOVE PO.P here I have had to resort to for the long john’s and soft wintery stuff 😦

  7. That outfit is too cute!

  8. Heja Vincent! Du kommer bli en bra förebild för vår Lowa. Skynda dig o lär dig så mycekt du orkar nu så du kan visa henne när ni ses! Puss från oss.

  9. Awesome! And he is certainly a leader in fashion too!

  10. Oh my gosh – look how big Vince is getting! I bet he is definitely a leader – love that he is loving daycare and making new friends 🙂

    Love all your entries for 21 – wonderful!

  11. Wow! What a little man you have there!

    We must have the same exact tastes in boy clothes! I love them!

    Give that leader a huge High Five from his buddy Parker!

  12. Cute little outfit – he’s already soooo big!!!!

  13. oh, look how proud he is!

  14. He looks so adorable in that jacket! He is growing up to fast!

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