Get It Down 31 for 21: Post 20

It seems like we very seldom get the otherwise so common question/statement: Does he [Vincent] have your/Bookie’s nose/eyes/mouth? I think it has happened less than three times since Vince was born. I see some of the typical DS characters in my son’s face, like his button nose, his almond eyes with the Brushfield spots and sometimes on his mouth, but I love all of it. Still, I think others might have a hard time relating his facial features back to us. Or maybe they just don’t want to point it out? At least that is an impression I get. So what would be better that to add this little thing that I found today on Hamula Family post:

7 Responses

  1. Vincent is both of you – he’s got all the good things from you to be so super-cute!!!! ♥ Juliana has got definitely the most things from me: size, feet and her stubbornness, hehe.

  2. Skojar du?? Tycker han är tok-lik Bookie!! Mest när han skrattar…

  3. That meter is too funny! I think he looks like his Daddy.

  4. I thought he’s so clearly like you, it never drossed my mind to think otherwise.

  5. Hej, thats not fair. My picture is just so-so. We should re-run it with a more accurate picture of myself – then I am sure the meter will go in the other direction ; )

  6. Hi hi detta var ju hur kul som helst. Gjorde samma sak med Viran. Hon var lika mkt oss båda, trist… Men alla säger att hon är pappa upp i dagen. Skulle testa med några nya foton men då fungerade det ej. Tillförlitligt…..

    Han är urgullig Vincent. Och har urgulliga föräldrar i alla fall vad jag kan utläsa från denna blogg.

    Kram till familjen Vince

  7. So know we know were he gets his good looks He is so cute!

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