Get it Down 31 for 21: Post 17

The day started with wonderful news: Idha and Henrik got a little girl! Finally! I was very surprised to hear it was a girl, I had been guessing boy all the time. The girl remains nameless for a little longer as the proud parents decide on a name. Apparently the thought of girl name did not really fit when she had made her appearance. I am oh so impressed with Idha’s non-voluntary decision to go without the epidural. Wow.

Our friend Tracy flew in from Detroit together with her dad yesterday and had their bags packed with stuff we had ordered from Oshkosh and Amazon. The newest cultural experience was the Wiggles that Vince got to see for the first time today. Along with all kids around the world (I think) he loved it as well.

Other good things that came out of the weekend? Lots of snot, throw up, and a set of poop on the carpet…. Long story….

3 Responses

  1. Liam har också upptäckt The Wiggles. Inte det roligaste programmet jag vet direkt, men han har kul. Dansar och sjunger…

    Grattis till Idah!

  2. Yay for the baby!

    Boo for the poo! I can only imagine!!!

  3. congrats to your friends on their little girl! Sounds like you guys got some fun stuff brought to you from the states 🙂 Kayla is probably the only child who hasn’t seen the wiggles LOL

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