Get It Down 31 for 21: Post 14

So this time there is a new contest with a different prize:





No, not Vincent, he is staying with us! But a new copy of Conny’s new book (without bite marks). To win, leave a comment and link this post! And don’t worry about it being in German, there is not much text, and the pictures are well worth it!

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  1. Nä JAG VILL HA VINCENT!!!!!! Och boken.. Får skaffa mig en blogg så jag kan tävla. Vill, vill, vill!

  2. Hej fina Kicki. Just nu på Barnen i P1, handlar det om DS, skola vs särskola. Vet att det går att lyssna i efterhand, har missat halva men ville ändå tipsa.
    Saknar dig.

  3. Please count me in 🙂
    I would love to have that book and show it to all the new parents (as I do with “Außergewöhnlich” – I am a midwife in Germany 🙂 )

  4. Vill också vara med på boken.
    Puss mutti-mormor

  5. Aw, darn…I was hopin’ for a 2-fer…a book and a boy. Just kidding! I’ll settle for the book. :o)

  6. I’m definitely in – and if you change your mind, I’ll take Vince too 🙂

  7. hello, i don’t have i website but can i be “in” too? pretty pleeeease. saw the book’s site and i loooove the three girls… would love to win vincent too. i think he would have a great time with my sons raphael (also with a little bit of something extra) and gabriel (just 46 c’s lol!!). give my kisses to vincent. he’s such a cutie!!!

  8. Oh – I’ll try for this one too! Thank you! 🙂
    Love that last photo – so cute!

  9. Här är länken till radioprogrammet jag messade om. Puss!

  10. Come on, Vince…pick me this time!

  11. Hey that isnot fair. Amazon is not delivering until December 6th! But I could take a second one, hahaha.

    LG Ulli

  12. oooh I have been wanting to get this book. The photographs in it are so breathtakingly beautiful! Please add my name to the contest 🙂

  13. Are you SURE I can’t have Vince??? The book looks amazing, count me in!

  14. I love the book, the whole premise of it. Mostly I would love to see continuing editions. Will they still be friends at age 10? At age 15?

    My daughters, age 6 and almost 8, are still mostly “blind” to differences. Yesterday we spent the afternoon and dinner with friends whose 8 year old daughter has seizures, global delays, and other health issues. My daughters had no idea that she was “special.” When the girl started flailing or doing random vocalizations, my girls thought she was just being silly and they followed along and made a game of it, and I was mortified. Turns out the little girl liked it, having someone to laugh with as she emerged from her episodes. It was better than the usual response from people, which was worried or disapproving looks, backing away, whispering, and pointing. Still, though, the “joining in” is not something my girls should do as they get older. It’s cute at this age, but will be considered rude and mocking as they get older. I talked with my girls and told them that during their friend’s episodes, they should just stop and wait, make sure she won’t hurt herself bumping into anything, and then resume playing when the episode is over. I tried to explain to them how the brain works, what is happening, but they didn’t entirely understand. To them their friend is just a lot of fun and they love to be with her. As they grow up and get more serious, and more self-conscious, will they still want to hang out with their friend who will forever remain spontaneous and childlike, and might embarrass them? I hope and pray they will remain friends.

  15. Vi vill vara med!!!!!!!

    /Erika och Elvira

  16. Gratuliere zum Gewinnspiel ! Wir sind dabei .
    Liebe Grüsse von Oma, Opa und matsl !

  17. Count me in!!

  18. […] over at Prince Vince Meets The World is having another great contest this week! This time she’s giving away a copy of Cony […]

  19. Yes yes yes please count me in! I would love to have Connie’s book!

  20. Hey Christina, that is such a cool idea! Why didn’t I think of that myself, haha. I gotta run a contest on my blog, too. HEHE
    OMG – can I book Vince for marketing my book, please!!! These pictures are TDF!!!!! I so much LOVE him!!!!

  21. OOohhh, please count me in! I would LOVE that book!

  22. I love Conny’s photos! Please toss my name in the wagon!

  23. oh I’d love a chance to win Conny’s book!

  24. Hi Christina,

    we are in, too! We´ve got a copy already, but no matter it´s a gorgeous book and a wonderful present to anybody who loves kids.

    Bye for now, Julia and the boys

  25. That looks like a fantastic book! Count me in please!

  26. Count me in!!!

  27. We are SO IN!!!!!!!!!

  28. YES! YES! YES! I tried to order it online, but got to a dead end in that I can’t read the German on the order page.

    PS…I am having a contest at our blog too! I’m looking for pictures of readers with T21 and it looks like you already have a photo submission right here! Unfortunatly the prize is a gift certificate redeemable in the U.S. 😦 …but we would all love to admire the handsome Prince reading!

  29. Please count us in, too! It would be wonderful and heartfelt to have such a keepsake for Gabe!

  30. PS. I wouldn’t even object to Prince Vince’s teethmarks! LOL!

  31. I would love to have this book! My husband is 100% German! How cool. Please count us in!

  32. Ohh We would love this book! Thank you for the contest!

  33. This book is absolutely beautiful! Count me in! I’ll post a link!


  34. Count us in!! I was very disappointed to miss out on those great gummies – maybe having just had a ‘garden party’ for the twins turning three – karma is ours for some butterflies!

  35. It looks like a GREAT book, and your little guy is adorable! 🙂 Please count me in!

  36. oh please count me in!!!!!!!!

  37. OH….I want this book so badly. Count us in.

  38. I’m so excited about this contest. I blogged about Conny and this book last week, and will go add a link to your post!

    I have also been trying to figure out how to purchase the book. I sent an e-mail but did not get a response. Maybe you could help me order it? Thanks!!!!

    Peace and love, Tara Marie & Emma Sage

  39. What an amazing book…count us in too.

  40. Oooooh count me in too.Awesome!

  41. Just realized that your contest is still open – so please count us in too!

    Liebe Grüße von den 4 Schmetterlingen

    Andreas, Natascha, Jana & Max

  42. I’m at the very last minute here, but I’d still like to enter. (If there’s time.)

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