Get It Down 31 for 21: Post 10

The Vince update post:

The weekend was filled with new milestones! First of all we got Vince a little walking cart – he loves it. But mostly he likes to climb in to the little seat and sit there and for Bookie or I to push him. But yesterday he did cruise from one side of the room to the other with his little cart. Walking! The proud parents were stunned. Even though he did also have a lovely time with his walker when it was still in the box:

We also finally got him to drink! So to the point that he goes to his bottle and drinks when he is thirsty. And he drinks a lot. So we were very excited about this too.

And he also had his last three bottles on his own! Laying on the couch, drinking and holding it all on his own.

13 Responses

  1. Heja Vincent
    Mormor & morfar är mycket stolta över sitt barbarn.
    Kramar från mormor & morfar

  2. Hi hi, Elvira satt i sin kärra i går och tyckte det var spännande. Hon sitter bara kan inte gå eller stå…. än.

  3. Cool unge, den där Vince !!! 🙂

  4. Your baby is growing up so fast.

    Walking!!!! How wonderful.

  5. How totally exciting! Walking AND feeding himself! You da man, Vince!

  6. That is some very exciting news!! You rock Vince!

  7. Congratulations Vincent on your new ride! And on being a big boy and manning the bottle yourself! Splendid accomplishments!

  8. Ja Wahnsinn! Super Vince!!! Liebe Grüße, Christian & Nicole ;o)

  9. what great milestones! yay Vincent!

  10. Haha, den kullerbyttan ger 10 poäng! Keep up the good work, Vince!

  11. Too cool! What a big boy!

  12. What a little acrobat!

  13. This little movie just made my day! GREAT JOB VINCE!!!!

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